Flexrite 49 Strands 0.018″ 0.45mm 30ft Pearl Silver


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Premium quality Flex-Rite tiger tail by BeadSmith. Made in Japan. 49 Strand nylon-coated stainless steel micro-wire.

  • 49 Strands
  • Diameter: 0.018″ / 0.45mm
  • Length: 30ft / 9.14m
    Breaking Strain: 24.6lb

Flex-Rite® Beading Wire offers a variety of choices for creating professional-looking bead jewelry. Flex-Rite® uses state of the art micro-wire technology to produce a wire that is strong, soft, and flexible. Select from our versatile range of diameters and strand counts to suit all of your jewelry-making needs!

–  Excellent Drape
– Super Flexible
– Kink Resistant
– Knottable
– Abrasion Resistant
– Supple

Stainless steel wire coated in nylon. Our 49 strand wire is the most flexible, premium quality.


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