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Our ever-growing collection of Seed Beads includes the best Czech and Japanese premium quality seed beads and great value economy beads. Choose from a wide range of new shapes, two hole and special edition beads as well as popular favourites and all of the essentials as well.

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Here are some of the things you’ll probably need to be able to make jewellery with seed beads. When beading with seed beads, there are several other tools and materials that are commonly used to make the process easier and more enjoyable. Here are some essential items you may need:

  • Beading Needles: These are thin, flexible needles are specifically designed for threading seed beads. They come in different sizes and types to accommodate various bead sizes and are essential for weaving and stitching techniques.
  • Beading Threads: Beading thread is used to string the seed beads and hold them together in your design. They are strong and durable to withstand tension and wear. Thread conditioner may also be useful.
  • Beading Mat: A beading mat or tray is a soft surface that provides a stable and non-slip workspace for your beads. It helps prevent beads from rolling away and makes it easier to pick up and arrange them during the beading process.
  • Bead Stopper or Bead Clamp: Stoppers are used to temporarily hold your beads in place while you work on your design. They prevent the beads from sliding off the end of the thread or wire.
  • Bead Looms and Spinners: Looms allow you to create woven patterns in a range of styles that would be next to impossible without a loom. Seed bead spinners work like magic making the beads thread onto the needle all by themselves!
  • Bead Organiser: To keep your seed beads organised and easily accessible, a bead organiser is useful. It typically consists of multiple compartments or small containers where you can sort and store different bead colors and sizes.
  • Jewellery Findings: Depending on your project, you may need various jewellery findings such as clasps, jump rings, crimp beads, and ear wires to complete your design and secure the ends of your beaded creations.
  • Beadwork Patterns or Books: If you’re following a specific pattern or design, having a beading pattern or guide can be helpful. It provides step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and color charts to help you create intricate beadwork designs.

These are just some of the common tools and materials used when beading with seed beads. Depending on your project and personal preferences, you may discover additional tools that suit your needs and enhance your beading experience.

What are Seed Beads?

Seed beads are small, uniformly shaped beads that are commonly used in jewellery making, beadwork, and other crafts. They are named “seed” beads due to their small size and resemblance to seeds. Seed beads come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

These beads are typically made of glass, but can also be found in other materials like metal, plastic, or natural materials. They are usually round in shape, but can also be cylindrical or shaped like drops, cubes or triangles. The size of seed beads is measured in a numerical scale, with smaller numbers indicating larger beads and larger numbers indicating smaller beads.

Seed beads are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of techniques such as bead weaving, stringing, embroidery, and embellishment. They are commonly used to create intricate patterns, designs, and textures in jewellery and accessories. Their small size makes them ideal for detailed work and allows for precise bead placement.

Whether you’re creating delicate beaded jewellery, intricate beadwork projects, or adding embellishments to fabric or accessories, seed beads offer a wide range of possibilities and can add depth, texture, and color to your designs. With their versatility and availability in countless colors and finishes, seed beads are a staple in the world of jewelry making and beadwork.

Are seed beads glass or plastic?

Although seed beads can be made of a range of materials, you’ll find that most good seed beads are glass. Our collection of seed beads is almost exclusively glass made in Japan of the Czechia. These two countries are world-famous for producing the best quality glass seed beads with the highest precision and optimal consistency in size, colour and shape.

A large range of seed beads are produced in India and China however they are known for being extremely random in size and shape with very little consistency within a bag, and more-so between batches, For that reason we prefer to stock Japanese and Czech seed beads most of the time.

Which seed beads are best?

The best seed beads depends on various factors such as the project you’re working on, the desired look and personal preference. Beads n Crystals sells a range of popular seed bead types known for their quality and versatility.

Miyuki Delica beads are highly regarded for their uniform shape and size. They have a cylindrical shape with large holes, making them ideal for precise beadwork, bead weaving, and intricate patterns.

Other Japanese seed beads, such as those produced by Miyuki and Matsuno, are prized for their consistency and superior quality. They are known for their precise shape, uniformity, and durability. Miyuki seed beads are popular among beaders for their wide color range and excellent bead-to-bead consistency.

Czech glass seed beads, particularly those manufactured by companies like Preciosa Ornela and Matubo, are renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship and wide selection. They come in various shapes (round, cylinder, cube, etc.) and finishes, offering a diverse range of creative possibilities.

Some seed beads with larger holes may be suitable for threading onto fine leather, hemp and other thicker cords so that may restrict the range you can select from.

In the end, the best glass seed beads for jewellery making are determined by the project you plan to make. Seed beads bracelets can be as simple as a single strand of delica seed beads on elastic with a single fresh water pearl, or as complicated as a freeform herringbone stitch with magatama fringing.

Seed beads necklaces can also be as simple as a single strand on Flex-Rite beading wire or as complicated as a Russian spiral infused with crystal bicones or a 12-strand braided seed bead necklace.

Seed beads are so versatile that they allow for the mist basic of projects for beginners or school classrooms, right up to the absolute most advanced seed beading projects possible.

Building your own Seed Bead Set

Building your own seed bead set allows you to curate a collection that perfectly suits your creative needs. Start by selecting a variety of seed bead colors that inspire you and align with your project ideas. Consider the different finishes available, such as matte, metallic, or opaque, to add depth and texture to your designs. Choose bead sizes that accommodate your preferred beading techniques, whether it’s delicate bead weaving or bold stringing projects. Additionally, don’t forget to include specialty seed beads like shaped beads, two-hole beads, or seed bead mixes for added versatility. By carefully selecting and expanding your seed bead collection over time, you’ll have a customised set that reflects your unique style and enhances your jewellery-making endeavors.

Seed Beads for Sale in Australia

Whatever you’re looking for in seed beads, Beads N Crystals has the best range around. We cater for hobby and one-off beaders as well as wholesale clients looking to buy seed beads in bulk. As a proud seed bead wholesale bead shop in Australia, Beads N Crystals can source not only the beads we stock, but many thousands of specialized seed beads in a range of sizes and colours.