All About Loyalty Points Gift Vouchers

Did you receive an SMS about a gift voucher?

If you got an SMS from us about a gift voucher, this means time is ticking! You have a gift voucher which is valid now, but maybe not for long! Your Beads N Crystals gift voucher can be used to buy anything you like from our huge range!

We occasionally send SMS reminders when a gift voucher is about to expire so you don’t miss out on stocking up your bead collection. It’s important to remember if you have a voucher with us, as we don’t always send text message reminders.

Messages are also sent on the creation of vouchers, in certain situations, to let you know that you have one. We don’t send messages when we issue a voucher and hand it to you in-store, or if we send a printed voucher in your parcel in the case of online orders. But if we noticed you have more than 250 member points, we may issue a voucher at any time and send an SMS notification. This ensures you don’t miss out!

Don’t remember getting a Beads N Crystals gift voucher?

Don’t worry! There’s so much going on these days! It’s impossible to keep on top of everything. Just ask us! We can’t even remember half the things we have in stock! It’s hard remembering everything about 25,000+ products 😉

Retail customers of Beads N Crystals are eligible to collect loyalty points which add up in their account. Once the point balance reaches or exceeds 250 points, each 250 points is converted to a gift voucher. It’s possible to earn multiple vouchers in a single transaction.

These vouchers are a reward voucher, so they’re not under the same rules as purchased gift vouchers. Points vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. They can be used in part or in full and multiple vouchers can be redeemed on a single transaction. Any unused balance remains on the voucher for use before the expiry date passes.

Loyalty points vouchers can only be used by the recipient of the voucher, unless the recipient requests to transfer it to another registered customer.

Purchased gift vouchers on the other hand, are treated like cash. They can be redeemed by any person in possession of the physical gift card. A lost card may be cancelled and re-issued under a new number when the purchaser or recipient have their details registered to the card at the time of purchase. They are valid for 36 months (3 years) from issue date. Purchased gift vouchers can also be used in part or in full, with any remaining balance available for a future purchase by the expiry date.

Don’t have your gift voucher?

Not a problem! If your voucher is a $10 voucher from loyalty points, we can quickly and easily apply it to your order. You don’t need to have the voucher or the voucher number for us to access and apply the value.

If you have lost a gift voucher, we can cancel and re-issue it in most cases. To do this we’ll need to verify your details on the purchase or issue of the voucher. We usually collect contact details of the purchaser, or the recipient, or both when we sell gift vouchers. It is the right of the purchaser to refuse to provide personal details and therefore buy a gift voucher anonymously, however we do advise against this as it means we are unable to cancel or re-issue a lost, damaged or stolen gift card. It also means we are not able to send a reminder prior to expiry.

How do I spend my voucher?

If you’re visiting our shop, simply let us know you’re going to pay with a voucher.

For online orders, please check out your order using the payment option called “Beads N Crystals Gift Card”. Remember to make a note in the “Order Notes” box to advise us if you have a voucher, and the number, if known.

We’ll then process the voucher and contact you for the balance payment. Balances can be paid using PayPal, Credit Card (online), direct bank deposit, pay on pickup, or ZipPay. Pay on pickup options include cash, credit or debit card including Amex, and Zip Pay. Please note for ZipPay transactions the balance payable will need to be $50 or more after any applicable discounts and vouchers are applied.

I don’t want to receive SMS messages.

Please let us know if you don’t want to receive any text messages from us. Remember, we only send SMS messages for specific reasons such as a gift voucher about to expire, a tracking number for your dispatched parcel, and things like that. We don’t send random marketing messages via SMS. To let us know, reply to an sms, or email us so we can deselect SMS from your account.

I don’t want gift vouchers.

Are you kidding me!? Gift vouchers are like FREE BEADS! Who doesn’t love free beads? Ok, ok. We get it! Sometimes we change hobby, sometimes we just want to de-clutter. And that’s ok!

There are a couple of great options here. Firstly, you could transfer the voucher to someone else who can use it for something they want.

The other option is charity. Beads N Crystals is proud to support local schools, community organisations and charities through our in-store craft collection bin. If you’d like, we can ask us to buy some beads on your behalf using the gift voucher and pop them into the donation bin to be distributed for good use in the community.

On that note, did you know you can drop in or send in any craft goodies you’d like to de-stash? This is just one of the initiatives we’re using to craft sustainability. Any usable crafting related products including remnants can be donated and we will ensure they are put to good use.

The third option is to forget about it and let it expire, but seriously. Where’s the fun in that??

How Long Are Gift Vouchers Valid?

The length of validity of our gift vouchers depend on the type of gift voucher. All physical card or paper vouchers will show either the issue date + validity, or the printed date and expiry date.

  • Purchased Gift Vouchers: All gift vouchers that are purchased from our business are valid for 36 months (3 years) from the date of purchase, in accordance with the Treasury Laws Amendment (Gift Cards) Act 2018.
  • Loyalty Rewards Vouchers: Gift vouchers issued as a reward for our loyalty programs are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • Other Promotional Vouchers: We may from time-to-time issue other vouchers which may be handed out for free, awarded at random, or provided with purchase of an item. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the offer or promotion, and the voucher issued.

Extracted from the ACCC Website on 10/11/2023:

Gift cards must be valid for at least 3 years: Gift cards purchased on or after 1 November 2019 must be redeemable for at least 3 years after the day they were supplied or purchased.

The 3-year rule does not apply to gift cards that are:

  • part of a customer loyalty program
  • part of a temporary marketing promotion. For example, customers buy a certain product from Business A, which provides a $50 voucher to use at Business B.

Fees & Charges – Absolutely None!

There are no fees or charges imposed on the purchase or redemption of gift cards and gift vouchers. Lost or stolen gift cards can be re-issued in thermal paper form at no charge, providing certain proof of ownership or purchase, and identification can be provided.

If you require a replacement physical card to be posted, the postage cost will be payable.

What can you buy with a Voucher or Gift Card?

Our gift cards and vouchers are treated like cash in our store so you can use it to buy anything you like. This means they are applied to your sale as a payment after any applicable sales, discounts, special offers, coupons, and if we’re sending it, any applicable postage costs. All physical products and even repair service costs can be paid using vouchers and cards.

There are no limits or restrictions on products or services that the vouchers can be used to purchase. We have only one restriction. Gift cards and vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

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