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Give the gift of Beads with a Beads N Crystals Gift Card! They’re valid for a full 3 years from the date of purchase and we don’t apply any fees or charges for the purchase or use of the cards. This means your recipient can use every cent you paid to feed their beading addiction!

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What better gift than a craft voucher for beads and craft supplies? Beads N Crystals makes gift-giving easy with gift vouchers in any value from $10 to $200. For special values, please contact us. We can quickly create a voucher in any value to meet your requirements.

There is no better gift than the gift of creative choice, and Beads N Crystals gift vouchers are just that! Choice of over 15,000 amazing craft and beading supplies. Crystals, gemstones, tools, polymer clays, resins, alcohol inks, gel paints, pearls, chains and lots more.

The ultimate craft voucher is a Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher!

A gift voucher for a Beads N Crystals is a great gift idea for several reasons:

  • Personalised Shopping Experience: Beading is a highly personal and creative hobby, and everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to beads, findings, and other jewellery-making supplies. By giving a gift card to the Beads N Crystals Bead shop, you allow the recipient to choose the specific items they need or desire, ensuring that they get exactly what they want. It allows them to personalise their shopping experience and select beads and supplies that match their style and creative vision.


  • Endless Possibilities: Beads N Crystals offer a wide range of beads, gemstones, findings, tools, and other materials for jewellery making and a wide range of other crafts. With a gift voucher, the recipient has the freedom to explore the vast selection and discover new and exciting beads and supplies that they may not have considered before. It opens up a world of possibilities and encourages creativity and experimentation in their jewellery-making projects.


  • Learning and Inspiration: Beads N Crystals stocks a wide range of books and is filled with inspiration. We also offer custom advice on selecting the right materials to complete a range of beading projects. By giving a gift voucher, you not only provide the means for the recipient to purchase supplies but also potentially introduce them to educational opportunities that can enhance their beading journey. It can inspire them to explore new techniques, connect with other beaders, and take their jewellery-making skills to the next level.

A Beads N Crystals gift card can be used in our physical bead shop and right here at our online beads store. Our gift vouchers are a physical card printed on durable recycled materials that can be presented in person. This makes a tangible gift that shows a level of care and attention. We post the card to yourself as the sender, or directly to the recipient at your request. Regular postage of the card is free. Express post is also available at a cost.

If you’re short on time, let us know. We can email you a digital copy instead of posting the physical card. This way you can send a personal email to the lucky beader yourself!

A gift voucher for Beads N Crystals bead shop in Australia is a wonderful gift idea because it empowers the recipient to curate their own collection of beads and supplies, explore new techniques and materials, and enjoy a personalised and inspiring shopping experience. It shows that you value their love for beading and want to support their creative journey, making it a truly meaningful and thoughtful gift.

Showing all 6 results