Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This website is owned and operated by Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd ACN 133 174 099, as Trustee for Endless Creativity Trust, trading as Beads N Crystals. Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd is a registered company in the state of Queensland, Australia under the Business Names Act 1962. As an Australian commercial entity, we are registered for GST (Goods and Services Tax) and operate under ABN 95 870 849 428.

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Pricing and Availability of Products and/or Services

All pricing on this website is displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD) and is inclusive of 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless otherwise stated. Orders exported from Australia will not incur GST. Any pricing and availability of products, services and offers displayed online are subject to change at any time without notice. All products and services are subject to availability, and we give no guarantee in this regard. You acknowledge and accept that the website information is subject to change at any time and may not necessarily be up to date or accurate at the time of your visit. All products comply with relevant Australian Standards and applicable laws.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

All material appearing within this web site is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws within Australia and also covered via international treaties with other countries. Protected material includes but is not limited to graphic and text content, design principals, emails, and all forms of files hosted on this domain. You agree not to publicly display, broadcast, publish, sell, reproduce, link to, or circulate in any other manner the material on this site without the express written consent of Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd. You hereby acknowledge Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd ownership of all intellectual property and copyright of all content within this domain with the only exclusion being the intellectual property of other companies such as product vendors and their associated brands.

Website Availability

Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd entrusts the hosting of our site to a specialist company and we are committed to proving this site on a continual basis, however we do not warrant that the site will be continuously available at all times. It is expected that at times unforeseeable interruptions to this service may occur. Such activities are usually outside our control.

External Links

Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd may provide external links to sites with recommended products or services. Clicking on any external link will lead you to external websites which are outside of our control. Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd only links to businesses or resources which we believe meet our high standards at the time of posting a link; however, we have no control over external sites and will accept no responsibility or liability in relation to the content or any aspect of your visit to any external site.

Linking to Us

Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd permits website owners to link from your website to our home page, provided the link includes our full trading name ‘Beads N Crystals’. Any additional text included in the link must be directly related to one or more of the services and/or products we provide. You agree to remove any links to our site on our request, within seven (7) days of notice.

Anti-social Behaviour

You agree not to attempt to change, add to, remove, modify, deface, redirect, hack, decompile, block access to, cause unnecessary bandwidth loads or otherwise interfere with this website, the domain, associated email, or any material, images or content display on this website. Any such activity will be deemed an attack on the site, and logs will be handed to Australian Law Enforcement agencies for investigation and prosecution to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy forms part of these Terms of Use. You are recommended to read our Privacy Policy, and your continued use of this site will form acceptance of our Privacy Policy and all aspects of these Terms of Use.

Limits of Liability

In no event shall Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd or its partners, employees or clients be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the website except where such instance cannot be excluded, or where Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd is required to accept by law. Should Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd become liable for any such condition or warranty, liability shall be limited at its option to substitution/re-supply of service or refund of any moneys expressly given to Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd for the part of sale (possibly calculated pro-rata) affected by such dispute.


You indemnify Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd, its clients, affiliates, employees, advertisers, agents, and third party product or service providers from and against all actions, suits, claims, demands, liabilities, costs, expenses, loss and damage, including legal fees, incurred or suffered by you or by us as a direct or indirect consequence of your accessing, using or transacting on this site or your attempts to do so and any breach by you or your agents of these terms and conditions.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the State of Queensland, Australia. In the event that a dispute arises from these Terms of Use, you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland, Australia. If any part of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed without affecting the remainder.

Logos, Trademarks & Service Marks

Beads N Crystals, The Bead ‘E’ Device, www.beadsncrystals.com.au and their respective logos and all other distinctive site logos, marks and graphic elements on our web sites are trademarks of and are registered to Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd and are subject to applicable trademark protections. All other company, product, and service logos, marks and names may be trademarks or service marks of the companies and organisations mentioned. All trademarks and registered trademarks are used to benefit, without intent to infringe on, the holder of said trademark.

Accessories Not Included, Items Sold Individually

All product photos are for reference only and any accessories shown are for display purposes unless otherwise stated. Accessories are not included unless specified in the product title or text description. Some photos may show two or more items to allow you to see the product from different angles. Products are all sold individually unless otherwise stated in the product description. Some products may be best purchased in pairs. Items are not in pairs unless stated as such in the item title and/or description.

Products with Multiple Images

Some products may have multiple product images. This may be to provide examples of use, alternative angles or to show previous versions or packaging. From time-to-time manufacturers may alter a product or packaging and we may load a new image.

For natural products, such as gemstone beads, pearls, or for items where batch variations are likely, for example glass beads, hand made products and the like, we may receive a new shipment that looks somewhat different to the previous batch. We may load a new image of the current stock but leave a previous photo for reference purposes. Always consider the first image to be the product you are ordering where secondary images look different to the first. The first image is the one that will be showing in a category page, and the one that loads first when viewing a product page. Any second or third etc. images are to be considered a guide to what a product may have looked like in previous stock supplies, and what may be supplied again in future, subject to availability.

Silver & Gold vs Sterling Silver & Gold Filled

Products listed as ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’, etc are Silver Plated or Gold Plated etc. Products which are genuine .925 Sterling Silver or Gold Filed etc are specifically listed with the words ‘Sterling Silver’, ‘Vermeil’ or ‘Gold Filled’ in the description. They are also located in the Sterling Silver & Gold categories on our site.

Gold Filled is made using a thick layer of gold permanently mechanically bonded to a base of a different metal such as brass. The gold component may be 9kt, 10kt, 14kt or 18kt and typically makes up at least 5% of the item weight. Due to the thickness of the gold layer in Gold Filled metals, the finish is extremely durable, long-lasting with a result closely mimicking solid gold.

Vermeil (ver-may) is sterling silver gilded with a very thin layer of gold. The result is precious metal for the entirety of the component and likely a brighter yellow gold appearance; however, the gold layer is less durable than gold filled and may rub off over long time leaving a more silver appearance.

All three metals mentioned here may be brightened and cleaned with a suitable polish cloth.

Materials & Origin

Products are sourced from a large range of countries including Australia, Bali, Brazil, Canada, China (including Hong Kong), India, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, USA and many more. Due to the current conflicts of 2022, products from Ukraine and Russia are not being restocked. If you would like to know the country of origin for a particular product, please feel free to ask. Products may be sourced from a country other than that of origin at times for various reasons. For example, beads may be made in China from stone purchased from a stone merchant in India who sourced the stone from a mine in South America. Therefore, tracing material origin is not always possible.

Product Variations

Products may vary slightly to the pictures shown. From time-to-time manufacturers may alter a products specification, colour or dimensions. In the event of a slight variation, we will ship a product which may differ slightly to the sample shown. In the event of a major variation, we will contact you for approval before shipping the goods. If we ship an item different to the sample shown you are entitled by law to return the item for a full refund including the cost of postage.

Swarovski Article Upgrades

Swarovski upgraded some Articles to a new and improved facet. As a result, some Swarovski products supplied may differ slightly from the product shown. For example, Art.5301 Bicone was upgraded to Art.5328 which has extra facets. Where Art.5301 has sold out, Art.5328 will be supplied in place. Also Art.5301 may be supplied on a product listed as Art.5328 if there is still some Art.5301 still in stock. Similarly, a mix of new and old article number may be supplied to fill a single order. The slight variation in cut between the two is not a fault and does not constitute the supply of an incorrect item.

Product Images and Trademarks

Brands such as such as but not limited to Swarovski, Preciosa, Sculpey and E6000 may supply product images which are an artist’s impression of the product. Therefore, the actual product may vary slightly in appearance or shade of colour. This variation is not considered a fault or a product different to shown.

All product images on this site are copyright to Alexandra Bay Pty Ltd or it’s associated suppliers and vendors. No license to copy or reuse images from this site for any purpose, commercial or otherwise is granted or implied. Any trademarks shown or stated on this site in text or imagery remains the exclusive property of the associated trademark, copyright or right holder.