E6000 Glue

Touted to be one of the strongest and most rigid adhesives on the market, E6000 is a high-grade polyurethane adhesive. This industrial-strength glue is highly-versatile and can be used on many surfaces — from fabrics and wood to metal, concrete, glass, and so much more.

Our range of E6000 glue for sale offers you a bonding material that lasts for years. UV resistant, waterproof, abrasion resistant and crack-proof, it’s easy to see why E6000 is every jeweller’s and crafter’s first choice to repair anything from a broken coffee cup to damaged pipes and craft work. Whatever your needs, we have an E6000 glue for sale that meets your requirements.

Explore our best-selling range of E6000 glue for sale

• Amazing Goop All Purpose Adhesive by E6000 — Versatile, flexible and tough, this high-performance glue works on virtually any surface. From wood and metal to ceramics, fibreglass, masonry and concrete, this industry-strength adhesive dries clear and forms a permanent yet flexible bond. Washable and non-flammable, the glue does not break down in extreme temperatures.

• Amazing Goop Marine Adhesive by E6000 — Formulated to be UV-resistant and withstand extreme temperatures without yellowing or cracking, this strong and versatile adhesive is perfect for outdoor applications. Flexible and waterproof, this E6000 glue works on many materials such as rubber, glass, wood, vinyl and more. Once cured, you can easily paint over the glue.

• Amazing Goop Auto & RV Adhesive by E6000 — This strong and durable glue has been specifically designed to permanently repair any type of material found in cars and automobiles. Offering resistance to UV, water and abrasions, you can use it to seal and repair plastics, metal and glass safely. The tough bond won’t crack when exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh vibrations caused by bumpy roads.

• Amazing Goop Plumbing Adhesive by E6000 — Extremely water-resistant with the ability to adhere permanently to virtually any surface, this E6000 glue for sale is perfect for sealing and repairing everything from pipes to shower heads and tiles. Flexible and paintable once cured, this temperature-resistant glue dries to a clear and abrasion-resistant finish that remains secure despite constant water exposure.

How to use E6000 glue

Follow the below steps to ensure you get the best outcome from your E6000 glue.

• The surface should be clean, dry, and free from dirt.
• Puncture the tube’s seal with the pointed cap. The E6000 glue can be used between 10 and 32 °C.
• Apply the E6000 glue directly to each surface and allow it to cure partially for 2 minutes before joining surfaces.
• Allow the repair to cure for 24 hours. Depending on the material and temperature, it can take 48 to 72 hours to cure and achieve the strongest hold.
• To prevent your adhesive from drying out and keep it ready for your next application, seal the threads of the tube with petroleum jelly before replacing the cap.

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