Beading and Craft Glue and Adhesives

Selecting the right bead glue for jewellery making is easy at Beads N Crystals. Your complete one-stop Bead Shop! Our favourite glue for beading is E6000 Adhesive. This industrial strength glue is unbeatable for adhesive bond, chemical resistance, and durability. E6000 Jewellery & Bead is a great adhesive to glue beads to shoes.

If you’re after a bead glue for fabric, our pick is Fabri-Fuse. Its superior extreme-stretch formulation means it will hold little crystals and beads onto even the most flexible of fabrics. It’s the go-to for professional gymnasts and dancers! Can you glue beading? You can with Fabri-Fuse!

On the other hand, if you plan to glue beads to canvas, Beacon Gem-Tac is a great option. For paper crafts, preserving origami, and gluing artwork to the underside of glass, we have every aspect of that covered with 3D Crystal Lacquer, Judikins Diamond Glaze, Mod-Podge and Vintaj Glaze.

If you’re after a beading glue for bracelets or threads, we have GS Hypo Cement to seal the knots, and Henrietta’s Gum Arabic to turn your thread into a needle! We even have glue to make your own glue dots and to stop fabric from fraying!

We know you’re probably in a hurry so we have Quick Hold and ZAP Instant Gel adhesive too. As well as No-Days Bail Bond for adhering bails to glass or stone pendants using heat.

If that’s not enough, we have glues to fix shoes, perform random household repairs, even repairs to your plumbing, caravan, car, tent or boat! There are even opaque back and white adhesives! If you need help finding what glue to use for beading or your specific project, please call or email us any time.

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Showing 1–40 of 49 results