Are you an Award-Winning Designer?

Consider Entering the Brisbane EKKA Creative Art Craft Beading Categories

This Page relates to EKKA 2023

Please bookmark this page and set a reminder to check back in March 2024 for details of the next competitions schedule.

It’s almost EKKA time again, and Beads N Crystals is the proud sponsor of the three Beading categories in the Creative Art & Craft Competitions.

The Royal Queensland Show offers monetary prizes along with a certificate and a place ribbon for first, second and third place in each class. This year we’ve boosted the prize with Beads N Crystals gift vouchers, bringing the total prize pool to $645 value for the three beading classes!

Having a place in the competition can be great exposure, complete with bonus bragging rights! You could be an RNA award winning designer!

Beading – Open

Class 5 – Wearable Bead Work

  • First Prize $25 + $100 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher
  • Second Price $15 + $50 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher
  • Third Prize $10 + $30 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher

Class 6 – Non-Wearable Bead Work

  • First Prize $25 + $100 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher
  • Second Price $15 + $50 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher
  • Third Prize $10 + $30 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher

Beading – Junior (for ages 16 and under)

Class 7 – Be Creative – Any Article

  • First Prize $25 + $75 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher
  • Second Price $15 + $40 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher
  • Third Prize $10 + $20 Beads N Crystals Gift Voucher

Judges may also offer Highly Commended and Commended placings in each category.

Please check out the Ekka Competitions website to download the schedule and enter. Remember, the entry cutoff date of 5pm May 26th is to secure your entry place. The finished articles aren’t required until deliveries are accepted from July 31st. There’s not a lot of time to secure your place in the competition, but there is still plenty of time to finish making your piece.

Beads N Crystals sponsors the three beading classes, but you may also find other classes of interest in the Art & Craft classes. There are also many other categories like photography, painting, sculpture, baking and more. We’d love to see your work on show in August!

Why Enter Beading Competitions?

Entering beading competitions such as this can help motivate and excite you to create a unique and special beading project and also provides a deadline to work towards.

Preparing for a competition requires time, effort, and dedication, which can help you improve your skills and push yourself to try new techniques. Take this as an opportunity to excel in a bead technique you already know, or learn something entirely new.

Gaining recognition through competing and winning a craft competition can help boost your status within the beading community. This can add a layer of skill and authority in a technique or style which may help boost your business or potentially lead to opportunities such as teaching or selling your work if you don’t already.

The Prizes are great with the addition of the Beads N Crystals gift vouchers. As a winner you’ll receive not only the certificate and ribbon with the associated bragging rights, but also the RNA prize money and the Beads N Crystals gift voucher which means only one thing! MORE BEADS!

Can you Sell your Exhibit? Can you Keep it?

You can elect to sell your entry at the Ekka. Simply name a price and if a buyer comes along, it will be sold by the show organisers. Sold pieces remain on display behind glass for the duration of the Ekka. Please refer to the RNA website for information on the sale process. Of course, many entrants will have their pieces marked “Not for Sale”. Some will ask a higher price if they don’t really want to sell. That way it will either prevent a sale or collect a higher price, which also means you can buy LOTS MORE BEADS!

Want to know more?

Read or Download the Competitions Schedule for details on the classes, requirements and the full terms and conditions. Remember, Beads N Crystals is a sponsor of the classes and is in no way affiliated with the EKKA. Please contact the competitions department if you have any questions not answered by their website or the schedule.

Want to Enter?

Entries for the beading classes must be booked online via the RNA Competitions portal, but hurry. Entries strictly close at 5pm EST on Friday May 26th 2023.

Remember, that’s only the deadline to book a spot for your entry. There’s still time to complete your entry. Exhibits can be delivered in person to the stewards on Monday July 31st and Tuesday 1st August. Items can also be delivered to reception in person, via post or courier in the days prior to that. See the schedule for full details.

  • Enter Before 5pm Friday May 26th 2023
  • Deliver Finished Items by August 1st
  • Collect Exhibits on August 23rd

Find Out More and Enter via the EKKA Website