07 Strand Flexrite

FlexRite 7-Strand Japanese Stainless Steel Beading Wire

Flex-Rite 7-Strand beading wire is a premium quality alternative to tiger-tail. It’s made in Japan using 7 strands of premium stainless-steel wire twisted together with a clear nylon coating. This provides great strength and good flexibility at a price that’s easy on the budget.

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Flex-Rite 7-Strand Beading Wire is made up of 7 individual strands of micro-fine stainless-steel wire twisted together into a single thread. It’s the most cost-effective Flex-Rite option, ideal for producing inexpensive jewellery such as basic necklaces and bracelets. If you’re making suncatchers, 7-strand is also a great option.

Flexibility: 7-strand wire is very flexible, making it easy to work with and allowing it to bend and move without breaking. This is particularly important for beading projects that involve elaborate or delicate designs.

Kink Resistant: 7-strand wire provides good kink-resistance, which means it keeps its shape and doesn’t develop bends or creases that can weaken the wire over time. This makes it a robust choice for beaded jewellery that will get frequent use.

Strong: Although 7-strand is the entry level Flex-Rite wire, it’s still strong enough to complete most types of beading projects. It is a great option for light to medium-weight beading projects.

Versatile: 7-strand wire can be used for a wide range of beading projects, from simple stringing to more complex designs. It is also available in a variety of widths, making it a wire that fits your project’s requirements.

Cost-effective: 7-strand wire is more affordable than higher strand count wires, making it the optimum choice for beginner beaders or those working to a budget.

Flex-Rite 7-Strand beading wire is a solid choice for beading projects that require a good balance of flexibility, strength, and affordability. Although higher strand count wires may be stronger or more kink-resistant, the 7-strand wire offers a fantastic balance of these qualities to suit most beading projects.

If you’d like to find out more about this bead stringing wire, or want some tips on making the right selection, please check out our article on Choosing the right Flex-Rite.

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