Friendship Bracelets

Swifties - make your own concert bracelets

At Beads N Crystals bead store in Brisbane, we have everything you need to tailor your own concert bracelets super swiftly! Letter beads, fun bright acrylic beads, charms, heishi beads and stretchy elastic cord are all in stock. Create your own special bracelets to wear, collect and swap! If you’re travelling to Sydney or Melbourne, make a bunch and swap them with other fans live at the concert! When ordering loose letter beads, be sure to put notes in at checkout so we know what letters or words you’re making. We’re more than happy to pick out the exact letters you need!

At Beads N Crystals, your go-to bead store in Brisbane, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse selection for crafting unique stretch bracelets and friendship bracelets. Complete your DIY bracelet-making experience with our extensive collection of high-quality materials. Explore a variety of alphabet beads, letter beads, number beads, vibrant acrylic beads, charming charms, stylish heishi beads, and durable stretchy elastic cord – all readily available in our well-stocked inventory.

Whether you’re a seasoned bracelet enthusiast or a beginner looking to start a fun and creative hobby, our range of beads and accessories caters to all skill levels. Unleash your creativity and design special bracelets to wear, collect, and share with friends. Join the vibrant community of bracelet enthusiasts who gather not only in Brisbane but also in Sydney and Melbourne. Create a bunch of bracelets and engage in live swaps with fellow fans at concerts and events!

If you’re specifically looking for loose letter beads, rest assured that we’ve got you covered. When placing your order, don’t forget to include specific notes at checkout, indicating the letters or words you intend to create. Our dedicated team is more than happy to pick out the exact letters you need, ensuring a personalised touch to your creations.

Discover the joy of crafting with Beads N Crystals, where quality meets creativity. Explore our online store and dive into the world of stretch bracelets, friendship bracelet kits, and more. Unwrap the endless possibilities of self-expression through handmade jewellery, and let your imagination run wild with our vast selection of beads and accessories.

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Showing 1–40 of 105 results