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Meet Travis, the New Wizard (sort of) at Beads N Crystals!

Hey, everyone! We’ve got some exciting news for you – we’ve enlisted the help of a new addition to the team in 2024. Please give a warm welcome to Travis, our not-so-average kind-of-work-experience guy. He’s here to sprinkle a bit of chaos, a dash of laughter, and a whole lot of creativity into our digital world.

Travis is not your typical tech genius. In fact, he’s the kind of guy who thinks “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” is designed to give you time to do a little dance! But hey, who needs perfection when you can have a truckload of charm and a heart full of enthusiasm, right!?

We’ve tasked Travis with the important mission of improving our website. Now, before you grab your precious beads and crystals and head for the hills (although we’d prefer the beach – although South Bank is about as far away as we get to go for a day out!), let us reassure you – Travis is a lovable klutz, but he’s got a knack for turning oopsies into “happy little accidents,” as he likes to call them.

Picture this: Travis, armed with a keyboard, and a mouse packed with a few too many LED’s, ready to conquer the vast realm of cyberspace. He’s got a determined look in his eyes, and his fingers are flying across the keyboard like a caffeinated hummingbird on a mission. We swear, it’s like watching a toddler discovering the joy of finger painting – except Travis is knee-deep in HTML, or SQL, or whatever that tech garble is. Don’t ask us!

The best part? Travis is also a closet beader! A natural-born crafter, not that you’d ever guess that at first glance. Get ready for some of the quirkiest posts you’ve ever laid eyes on. From bead-based life hacks to crystal-themed interpretive dance routines (don’t ask, just enjoy), Travis is here to sprinkle a little joy into your crafting journey.

So, buckle up, Beads N Crystals fans, because you’re in for a wild ride in 2024. Travis is here to make your crafting experience a tad more adventurous, a lot more amusing, and just a smidge less predictable. But fear not! Behind that slightly tousled hair is a guy with a heart of gold and a secret genius waiting to be unleashed.

Stay tuned for the misadventures of Travis, the crafty Web Wizard (sort of) of Beads N Crystals. You won’t want to miss a single click, crash, or giggle. Happy crafting, and may your beads be ever in your favour!

Live, Love, Laugh & Loom a Leather Lariat,
the Beads N Crystals Team

See! We’re not ‘that’ kind of bead shop!

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