Tassels are a decorative element made from threads or cords that are bound together at one end and left loose at the other end. They have a long history in fashion and design, and are commonly used in beading and jewelry making to add a touch of elegance and style to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories. Beads N Crystals stocks a wide range of beading and jewellery making tassels.

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Jewellery Tassels

Tassels have been a popular decorative element in fashion and jewellery for centuries. They are made from a series of threads or cords that are bound together at one end and left loose at the other end to create a fringe-like effect. In recent years, tassels have become a popular element in beading and jewellery making.

Are Craft Tassels a New Trend?

The history of tassels in jewellery making and other crafts actually dates back to ancient times. They were originally used as functional elements on clothing, such as for tying garments or as adornments on military uniforms. Over time, tassels became more decorative, and were used on items such as drapes, curtains, and upholstery.

In modern times, tassels have become a hugely popular decorative element in fashion and jewellery. In beading and jewellery making, tassels are often used as pendants or as accents on necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They are also used to create decorative embellishments on bags, hats, and other accessories.

How to Make your own Craft Tassels

Tassels are relatively easy to make and can be created in a variety of colors and materials. The process of making a tassel typically involves wrapping threads or cords around a small object, such as a cardboard or wooden template. The threads or cords are then bound together at one end, and the other end is left loose and uncut to create the fringe-like effect.

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What are Tassels made of?

In beading and jewelry making, tassels are often made from embroidery floss, silk, or cotton thread. But they can be made of almost anything. Suede, leather, velour and chain are other common materials. Beads and charms can be added to the tassel to create a customised look. Tassels made of other materials are used in a wide range of other crafts and trimming.

What are Tassels used for?

One popular use for tassels in beading and jewellery making is as a pendant on a necklace or bracelet. A tassel pendant can be created by stringing beads onto a length of wire or cord, and then attaching the tassel to the bottom of the wire or cord. Tassels can also be used as an accent on earrings, or as a decorative element on bags and other accessories.

Tassels have a long and rich history in craft, fashion and design. In beading and jewellery making, tassels offer a versatile and customisable element that can be used to create a variety of looks. Whether used as a pendant, an accent, or a decorative element, tassels can add a touch of elegance and style to any piece of jewellery or accessory.

Showing 1–40 of 139 results