Artistic Craft Wire

Craft and Artistic Wire

Craft wire is a versatile material used in various crafting projects. It can be easily bent, twisted, and shaped to create intricate designs, making it a popular choice for jewellery making, wire wrapping, and other crafts.

Unleashing Creativity with Craft Wire: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Craft Wire?

Craft wire is a versatile material used extensively in jewellery making and various crafting projects. It comes in various gauges (thicknesses), shapes, and finishes, providing a wealth of options for artists and hobbyists. Understanding the different types of craft wire and their uses can significantly enhance your crafting experience.

Understanding Wire Gauges

Wire gauges indicate the thickness of the wire, with lower numbers representing thicker wire and higher numbers indicating thinner wire. Here’s a rough guide to the gauges and their common uses:

  • 12-14 Gauge: Thick and sturdy, ideal for creating strong structures and frames.
  • 16-18 Gauge: Great for making clasps, hooks, and larger links.
  • 20-22 Gauge: Versatile and commonly used for jump rings, earrings, and small links.
  • 24-26 Gauge: Thin and flexible, perfect for intricate work like wire wrapping and fine details.
  • 28-32 Gauge: Very fine, used for delicate bead work and wire crochet.

Types of Craft Wire

Round Wire: This is the go-to wire for most basic crafting applications. Round wires can be used for everything from beading to creating wrapped wire elements.

Square Wire: Offers a unique look with its flat sides, creating a sleek and modern appearance. You can also twist square wire to create unique designs with straight and twisted segments.

Twisted Wire: Made by twisting two or more wires together, or twisting square or shaped wire, these wires add texture and visual interest. There are some pre-twisted wire options, alternatively try making it yourself.

Half Round Wire: One side is flat and the other is rounded, commonly used for wrapping around other wires for a secure hold.

Uses of Craft Wire in Jewellery Making and Crafting

Craft wire’s versatility makes it a staple in many crafting projects. Here are some popular uses:

  • Hooks and Jewellery Links: Create custom clasps and links for your jewellery pieces.
  • Wire Crochet: Use fine wire to crochet intricate patterns for unique jewellery.
  • Shapes with WigJig: Form consistent shapes and patterns with the WigJig tool, perfect for making earrings, pendants, and decorative elements.
  • Mixed Media Art: Combine wire with other materials like beads, stones, and fabrics for diverse and creative projects.
  • Ear Hooks, Head Pins and Jump Rings: Three of the most basic findings available, yet there’s so much room to create your own unique solutions. Whether you want longer, thinner or thicker ear hooks, head pins and eye pins, or simply a specific jump-ring size or colour you can’t find on the shelf, wire gives you the options! Ask us about making your own findings. We have the wire and the tools needed to make it fun and easy to create your own simple findings!

Tools for Manipulating Craft Wire

Beads N Crystals is not only the best destination for wire, we also have the widest selection of wire manipulation tools on the market! Several tools can help you work with craft wire effectively:

  • Round Nose Pliers: For creating loops and curves.
  • Flat Nose Pliers: For holding and bending wire.
  • Wire Cutters: To cut wire cleanly.
  • Nylon Jaw Pliers: To straighten and work the wire without marring the surface.
  • Mandrels: For shaping wire into consistent sizes and shapes.
  • Specialty Tools for Wire Work: Hammers and anvils for hardening and shaping, jigs for perfecting and lots more.

Cleaning and Maintaining Craft Wire

Keeping your wire clean and tarnish-free ensures your projects look their best. Here’s how to care for it:

  • Cleaning: Use a soft cloth or a jewellery cleaning solution to gently clean the wire.
  • Non-Tarnish and Tarnish-Resistant Wire: These wires are coated to resist tarnishing, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintaining their shine longer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Craft Wire

Can craft wire go in the oven?

Yes, most craft wires can be baked in the oven, especially when used with polymer clay. However, ensure the wire is not coated with any materials that might melt or release fumes.

Can craft wire be soldered?

Yes, craft wire can be soldered, but the process depends on the wire material. Copper and silver wires are easier to solder than coated or plated wires.

What is craft wire made of?

Craft wire can be made from various metals, including copper, sterling-silver, gold-filled, aluminium, brass, and various other alloys. Some wires are also coated with enamel for colour and protection. Others have a tarnish resistant layer.

How do you measure the gauge of wire?

Wire gauge is measured using a wire gauge tool, which has slots for different wire thicknesses. Alternatively, you can refer to standard gauge charts for the wire’s diameter in millimetres or inches.

All of our wires are marked with the wire gauge. Here is a quick guide to the diameter of the various gauges:

  • 12gauge – 2.00mm
  • 14gauge – 1.63mm
  • 16gauge – 1.25mm
  • 18gauge – 1.02mm
  • 20gauge – 0.813mm
  • 22gauge – 0.643mm
  • 24 gauge – 0.511mm
  • 26gauge – 0.404mm
  • 28gauge – 0.321mm
  • 30gauge – 0.254mm
  • 32gauge – 0.203mm
  • 34gauge – 0.160mm

Although wires are generally produced to meet these gauges, it’s important to note that they may not always measure exactly to the millimeter sizes listed.  For example, 24gauge wire may be 0.49 to 0.55mm which is within the range that round to 24g. Occasionally you may see wires labelled with odd numbers, which would mean they measure approximately halfway between the two even numbers it sits between.

Things You Can Make with Craft Wire

The possibilities with craft wire are literally endless. We’ve seen amazing sculptured creations and amazing pendants created with wire. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hooks and Jewellery Links: Customise your jewellery findings.
  • Wire Crochet: Create intricate and delicate jewellery pieces.
  • Shapes with WigJig: Perfect for consistent and complex designs.
  • Decorative Elements: Embellish other crafts or standalone wire sculptures.

Where to Buy Craft Wire

For the widest selection of top-quality craft wires, visit Beads N Crystals in Brisbane. We offer an extensive range of gauges, shapes, and finishes to suit all your crafting needs. Whether you’re making jewellery, working on mixed media projects, or simply experimenting with new techniques, our collection ensures you have the best materials at your disposal.


Craft wire opens up a world of creativity in jewellery making and crafting. By understanding the different gauges, types, and tools, you can enhance your projects and create stunning pieces. For all your craft wire needs, Beads N Crystals provides a comprehensive selection that will inspire and support your creative journey. Explore our range and start crafting with confidence today!