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Crafting Beyond the Concert: Creative Ideas for Leftover Beads from the Taylor Swift Craze!

Hey there, Swifties! Travis here, ready to help you turn those leftover crafting supplies from your Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelets into new and exciting creations. Let’s dive into some creative crafting ideas that will put those beads, cords, and threads to good use!

Did you find yourself knee-deep in beads after creating those fabulous friendship bracelets for the Taylor Swift concert? Wondering what to do with the leftover supplies now that the concert buzz is settling down? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a treasure trove of creative crafting ideas to make the most out of those extra beads. From personalised keychains to boho beaded anklets, there’s no shortage of ways to turn your leftover treasures into new and exciting creations. Let’s dive in and give those beads a second life filled with creativity and charm!

1. Personalised Keychains:

Use your leftover letter beads to spell out initials, names, or meaningful words on beading wire or elastic cords. Add colourful spacer beads for a pop of personality, finish it off with a keychain finding and voila – you’ve got custom keychains to gift to friends or attach to your backpack!

2. Boho Beaded Anklets:

String together leftover spacer beads and colourful discs on elastic cord to create trendy boho-inspired anklets. Mix and match colours and patterns to match your summer wardrobe and add a touch of Swiftie flair to your beach look.

3. Music-Inspired Bookmarks:

Channel your love for Taylor Swift’s iconic songs into handmade bookmarks. String together letter beads to spell out your favorite song lyrics or album titles, and embellish with coordinating spacer beads. Hang them off a bookmark finding and you’re all done! It’s a fun way to keep your place in your favorite reads while paying homage to your favorite artist.

4. Inspirational Quote Bracelets:

Get inspired by Taylor Swift’s empowering lyrics and create bracelets featuring uplifting quotes or messages. Use a mix of letter beads and colourful spacers to spell out words like “Fearless,” “Brave,” or “Kindness.” Wear them as a daily reminder to stay strong and true to yourself.

5. Pet Collar Charms:

Treat your furry friends to some Swiftie style with homemade pet collar charms. Spell out their names or nicknames using leftover letter beads, and add cute spacer beads for extra flair. Attach them to their collars for a touch of personalised bling.

6. Upcycled Hair Accessories:

Give plain hair ties or clips a makeover with leftover beads and cords. Wrap elastic cords or wrapping wire around hair ties and thread on colourful spacer beads for a bohemian-chic vibe. Or glue letter beads onto bobby pins to create custom hair accessories featuring your favorite Swiftie phrases.

7. Donation Station Reminder:

Remember, if you find yourself with more supplies than you can craft with, don’t let them go to waste! Consider donating your leftover beads, cords, and threads to our Crafting Sustainability recycling bin in-store. Your generosity will help support local schools and charities, providing them with much-needed crafting supplies to spark creativity in the community community.

So there you have it, Swifties – a plethora of crafting ideas to keep the creativity flowing long after Tay Tay flies off into the sunset after the final concert in Australia. Let’s turn those leftover supplies into new treasures and spread the love of crafting far and wide! Keep on crafting, and remember, every bead tells a story.

Get your Bead-Fix and Chill!
Travis out

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Discover 8 Must-Know Findings Hacks for Stunning Jewellery Designs!

Hey there, bead buddies! Travis here, your crafty companion and resident Website Wizard at Beads N Crystals. Today, we’re delving into the underrated world of jewellery findings – those magical little components that hold our creations together and make them shine! But wait, there’s more! I’ve also sprinkled in some cost-saving hacks to help you stretch your crafting budget further. Let’s dive in!

Lets demystify the term “findings.” In our crafty world of jewellery making, findings are like the unsung heroes – they’re the essential components that bring your creations together. Think of them as the nuts and bolts of your jewellery projects. Findings encompass a wide range of small but crucial pieces, think clasps, jump rings, ear wires, head pins, crimps, and more. They’re what you use to connect different elements of your design, secure closures, and add those finishing touches that make your pieces shine.

So, whether you’re crafting earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or any other type of jewellery, you’ll likely find yourself reaching for findings to complete your masterpiece. They may be small, but they play a big role in ensuring your creations are both beautiful and functional. They’re not only essential, they can be used to add a pop of creativity to your designs too!

The Magic of Jewellery Findings: Unlocking Your Creativity:

First things first, let’s talk about the unsung heroes of jewellery making – findings! From clasps and jump rings to ear wires and crimp beads, these tiny treasures are the backbone of our creations. They not only keep everything in place but also add that finishing touch of elegance. So, let your creativity soar as you explore the endless possibilities of jewellery findings!

Hack #1: Multipurpose Jump Rings – One Ring to Rule Them All:

Say goodbye to cluttered craft drawers! Did you know that jump rings can be manipulated and re-sized? Plus they can double as connectors for multiple strands of beads? Simply manipulate the shape of larger jump rings using your round nose pliers and trim the excess to make a ring a size or two. Bend a jump ring so there are two V shapes pointing in toward each other. Manipulate the ring and the V shapes so that the points almost touch, leaving you with an almost figure-8-shaped wire. This new connector you’ve created can be used to hold a two-strand bracelet together at intervals in your design.

Hack #2: DIY Ear Wires – Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary:

Turn your styles up a notch with homemade ear wires! All you need is some sturdy wire and a pair of round-nose pliers. By crafting your own ear wires, you not only customise the style but also cut down on costs compared to purchasing pre-made ones. Some craft wire in a 20 or 22 gauge and a wire jig will make this process a breeze.

Hack #3: Creative Clasp Alternatives:

Don’t limit yourself to traditional clasps! Get creative with alternative closure options such as toggle clasps, magnetic clasps, or even decorative buttons. These unique closures not only add visual interest to your designs but also offer practicality and ease of use. Make your own clasps using a ring of seed beads and a stick pearl as a toggle, or wrap your own wire s-hooks.

Hack #4: Clasp Upgrade – From Basic to Bling:

Give your designs a touch of luxury without breaking the bank! Transform basic clasps into dazzling closures by embellishing them with small Swarovski crystals or seed beads. It’s a cost-effective way to add a hint of glamour to your creations.

Wire Guardians Example

Hack #5: Wire Guardians – The Unsung Heroes of Durability:

Protect your stringing material and prevent wear and tear with wire guardians. These small findings may seem insignificant, but they play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your jewellery pieces. Plus, they add a professional finish to your designs.

Hack #6: Bulk Buying Bonanza – Saving in Style:

Stock up on your favorite findings by purchasing in bulk! Many of our products have additional quantity discounts, allowing you to save money in the long run. Just make sure to store them properly to prevent tarnish and damage. VIP members and wholesale clients have access to great additional savings on findings too.

Hack #7: Repurpose and Recreate – Finding New Life in Old Findings:

Get creative with your findings by repurposing old or broken jewellery pieces. Salvage clasps, jump rings, and other components to breathe new life into your designs. It’s eco-friendly and budget-friendly – a win-win!

For any crafting pieces you can’t make use of, give them a new life through a range of community groups via our craft recycling bin.

So there you have it, bead addicts – a treasure trove of jewellery findings wisdom paired with some savvy cost-saving hacks. Now go forth and craft with confidence, knowing that you’ve got the skills and smarts to create stunning jewellery pieces without breaking the bank.

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Heart-to-Heart Crafting: A Sparkling Swarovski Love Affair for Valentine’s Day!

Hey, fabulous bead enthusiasts! Travis in the house – your go-to craft maestro and lover of all things sparkly. Guess what’s approaching at warp speed? Yep, you got it—Valentine’s Day! And I’m here to guide you on an epic journey to create the most dazzling, heartwarming gifts imaginable.

1. Dive into the World of Swarovski Hearts:

Brace yourself for a glittering adventure! Our Swarovski crystal heart pendants are a symphony of charm, coming in various shapes and sizes. Whether you fancy a delicate dazzler or a bold centrepiece, our heart collection has your creative cravings covered. There are also Swarovski heart beads and the famous Love bead along with many other gorgeous pendants.

As you know, they’re all out of production and off the market, so for a truly rare and exclusive gift, grab a heart to steal a heart before they’re gone forever! Don’t actually steal though, the boss has cameras and he’s onto it! We don’t want anyone sentenced to love as they say!

2. Mix and Match with Crystal Beads:

Ready to take your creation to the next level? Explore the universe of possibilities by mixing Swarovski crystal hearts with our stunning crystal beads. It’s like curating your own love story in crystal form—each piece complementing the other in perfect harmony.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, promoting compassion, tenderness and emotional healing. If the pink is a little wishy-washy for you, turn it up a notch with rich purple amethyst. It’s said to foster deep connections and understanding between partners. To ignite passion, sensuality and commitment, consider red garnet, or to promote feminine energy and intuition, moonstone is your go-to.

3. Sterling Silver Chains – Because Every Heart Deserves a Home:

Now, let’s talk real estate for your sparkly treasures. Our sterling silver chains aren’t just accessories; they’re the VIP suites for your crystals. Choose a chain that speaks to your heart (pun intended) and gives your creation the showcase it deserves. If you’re simply hanging a single heart, the can be no more elegant look than a simple silver chain.

On the other hand, if you’re hooked on gems or other beads, Flex-Rite beading wire is the best option for stringing a necklace. Drop in to our bead shop and we’ll hook you up with the essentials to turn your vision into reality!

4. Gift Boxes, Because Presentation is Everything:

You know what they say – presentation is key! Show off your crafted masterpiece in our elegant gift boxes. It’s not just a box; it’s the grand entrance your creation deserves. Unwrapping it becomes an experience, building anticipation and excitement.

5. Heart Stickers and Sequins – Because More Sparkle, More Love:

What’s a crafting adventure without a playful tough? Sprinkle extra love and sparkle with our heart stickers and sequins. It’s like adding a dash of magic dust to your creation, making it truly enchanting.

6. Crafting Date Night – Because Why Not?:

Turn your crafting session into a romantic date night! Grab some delectable snacks, cue up your favorite tunes, and let the creativity flow. Crafting together not only doubles the fun but also creates cherished memories.

8. Share the Love – Social Media Style:

Spread the joy! Once your creation is complete, flaunt it on social media. Tag us, share your crafting journey, and inspire others to embark on their own beading adventure. It’s like creating a ripple effect of love and creativity.

So, my bead buddies, gear up for a Valentine’s Day crafting escapade filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of sparkle. Dive into our Swarovski wonderland before it’s gone forever, grab your tools, and let the crafting magic unfold. Because nothing says “I love you” like a handcrafted crystal creation straight from the heart. Happy crafting and may your Valentine’s Day be as radiant as your crystal balls!

Get your Bead-Fix and Chill!
Travis out

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Craft Wizardry Unveiled: 12 Ingenious Tool Hacks for Beading Bliss!

Hey there, fellow bead wizards! It’s your crafty conjurer, Travis, at Beads N Crystals. Today, I’m letting you in on some magical secrets to enhance your beading journey. Brace yourselves for 12 ingenious tool hacks that will have you beading with the finesse of a true wizard!

1. Pliers with Extra Grip:

Nylon pliers are great for keeping your wire and metal components scratch-free, but it’s not always practical to buy new tools to complete a single task. Add a touch of cushioning to your pliers by wrapping the jaws with a small piece of rubber, painters tape or foam. It not only provides extra grip but also protects delicate wires and beads from scratches.

2. Needle Sharpness Revival:

When your beading needles start feeling a bit dull, revive their sharpness by gently rubbing them against fine sandpaper. Say goodbye to snagging and hello to smoother beading!

3. Store your Needles for Safety and Simplicity

There are so many different types of needles. Do you find that after a project your needles all migrate to the one place and it’s next to impossible to distinguish which is which? Simple fix: use your empty seed bead tubes to sort and store your needles! Peel off the label and use a Sharpie to write the needle type and size on each tube. A simple rubber band to keep the tubes together, and your needle woes are sorted!

Side note: if you have more empty tubes than needles, don’t throw them out! We offer a tube credit scheme as part of our commitment to Crafting Sustainability!

4. Anti-Slip Pliers Grip:

If you’ve got old tools with split or missing handle grips, but they have a little life left in them, try this!  Wrap the handles with rubber bands or heat-shrink tubing for a comfortable and anti-slip grip. Your hands will thank you during those extended crafting sessions.

5. Colour Code your Tools:

Grab an assortment pack of coloured electrical insulation tapes. You (or someone you know) will probably have something laying around from that time you tried to DIY some home electrical repairs. Highly NOT recommended! Don’t you remember Dumb Ways to Die? Only the best commercial ever made! Anyway, wrap a little tape around the handles of your tools to colour code them. It makes grabbing side cutters while avoiding needle nose pliers much easier! Simple but effective!

6. Secure Thread Burner Caps:

Prevent accidental burns by securing the safety cap of your thread burner or thread zapper with a small binder clip. Safety first, bead second! Well, I originally wrote “bead first, safety second”, but our lawyer suggested rewording it… Buzzkill much?

7. Magnetic Mini Storage Magic:

Attach a small magnet to the inside of your mini storage containers. It becomes a magnetic haven for your needles and tiny metal findings, ensuring they stay put.

Bonus tip: Use a magnet to ensure there are no metal fragments in the wrong places in your beads or tool kits.

8. Measuring Tape Bead Counter

Get a fine-tip Sharpie and a measuring tape. Line up a row of ten 4mm beads and mark it on the measuring tape. Do this for the lengths of the sizes you use most to make counting and estimating beads for a project super easy. Do the same with markings for the lengths of your favoutite bracelet sizes so you’ll always thread the right number of beads every time.

9. DIY Sticky Bead Mat:

Us seed beaders love a good sticky bead mat, don’t we! They keep those little Delica’s and size 15’s in check with their voodoo-grade sticky surface. But what do you do when you awaken at 3am and dive into seed beads like a maniac if there’s no sticky bead mat in sight? Simple, stick a piece of double-sided tape to your desk or bead mat, or mouse pad if you’re really having a bad morning! Say goodbye to runaway beads and hello to hassle-free beading. Even if you can’t keep your eyes open!

10. Candle Wax Thread Conditioner

Thread Heaven is a thing of the past. There are substitutes, like Bees Wax and Thread Magic, but again, at 3am after being awoken from a dream of beading, as if I have a chance of finding my Thread Magic! Simple fix, Nanna’s favourite vintage candle! No! That’s not right! The cheap candle you couldn’t put back at Kmart because it smelled like chocolate crackles! Run your thread across the candle wax to condition and prevent knotting and tangles. It works pretty well, not perfect but definitely not terrible!

11. Easy Needle Threading:

Again, you could buy a needle threader to make threading a breeze, but seriously. I’ve bought a dozen of them and I still can’t find one when I need it! Introducing Dental Floss! It’s flat, slippery, fairly rigid and has a minty aroma! What more could you need? It threads easily through a needle, then form a loop and pull your thread through. It’s not as good as a needle threader, but still much more effective than swearing at the needle!

12. Easy Beading Thread Cutter

Side cutters are great for wire and tiger-tail, but they are no match for the mighty Fireline and NYMO. How can that be? Try it for yourself! Needleworkers threads are treated with Harry Potter’s magic making them invincible to anything other than a sharp thread cutter.

Jump back to step 11, where we just spend endless hours sliding dental floss through various needles to compare how much minty aroma stuck to the needle. The floss box is empty now right? Look at that! A thread cutter, and… it CUTS Fireline! AND NYMO!! “Finite Incantatem!” (waves plastic HP wand I’m not ashamed to have on my craft table.)

There you have it, bead wizards – 12 crafty tool hacks to make your beading game a little more fun. Try them out and watch as your crafting experience transforms into a magical journey of creativity and ease. Happy beading, and may your tools be forever in your favour!

Oh, one last final tip. There isn’t always a hack substitute for every beading and crafting tool. But luckily, you’ve found a really good bead shop with every tool you can imagine. Check them out, they’re all online!

Get your Bead-Fix and Chill!
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Bead Craft Queensland: A Journey into Collaboration and Creativity


In the dynamic world of bead crafting, innovation and collaboration have often paved the way for exciting ventures. Today, we take you behind the scenes of Beads N Crystals’ history to share a chapter that might not be well-known to all our customers—the establishment and evolution of Bead Craft Queensland.

The Genesis:

In 2012, facing the challenge of filling the void left by the closure of the Bead & Gem Shows of Australia, Beads N Crystals took a bold step. Over dinner with our good friends from My Little Bead Shop, we came up with an idea. We decided to join forces with each other and operate our own bead and gem shows! The idea was unusual, as surprisingly for a small industry, there are many competitors in the beading world in Australia who wouldn’t even say ‘Hi’ as they walk past, let alone work together! In the end we had three competing Brisbane bead stores happy to join forces to run our own little travelling bead show. This unexpected collaboration led to the birth of Bead Craft Queensland, an unofficial cooperative aimed at operating small beading trade shows along the East coast of Australia.

The Purpose:

The primary objective of Bead Craft Queensland was simple yet powerful—to operate small bead craft shows and sales in hotel function rooms such as the one at the Comfort Inn Robertson Gardens Hotel on Kessels Rd Nathan, to more remote hotel function rooms in Cairns, Rockhampton, Townsville, Yepoon, Ballina, and Coffs Harbour. These events were strategically positioned to reach remote centers and engage with the vibrant communities of bead enthusiasts.

Operational Dynamics:

For two fruitful years, Bead Craft Queensland served as a joint venture where Beads N Crystals and two other bead retailers shared not only the passion for bead crafting but also the practical aspects of the trade. The cooperative model allowed for the pooling of resources, sharing of costs, consolidation of logistics and collective efforts in navigating the challenges of traveling and trading in remote locations.

The Journey:

The bead craft shows held by Bead Craft Queensland were not merely retail events—they were immersive experiences for both vendors and attendees. From these hotel function rooms we operated workshops, product launches, demonstrations, Q&A’s and of course amazing sales, bringing the charm of big city trade shows to the local bead crafting community. The cooperative successfully connected with enthusiasts along the East coast, fostering a sense of unity and shared creativity.

The Transition:

Our Bead Craft trade shows were a resounding success thanks to our excited and supportive customers and the support the three of our businesses were able to offer each other. As the landscape of bead crafting continued to evolve, so did Beads N Crystals. After two enriching years, Bead Craft Queensland gracefully concluded its operations. The decision to transition away from the cooperative model was driven by a renewed focus on our physical store and online bead shop business. This strategic shift allowed us to channel our energies more efficiently, ensuring that we could continue providing exceptional products and services to our valued customers.


Bead Craft Queensland stands as a testament to the spirit of collaboration and innovation within the bead crafting community. The journey, though no longer actively pursued, remains an integral part of our history—a history shaped by the passion for beads, the dedication to our craft, and the vibrant connections forged along the East coast of Australia.

We thank the other two businesses who showed the world that competitors can also be friends and our amazing customers for supporting our events. As we continue to evolve, we invite you to reminisce with us about this chapter and celebrate the ongoing story of Beads N Crystals.

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Crafting Success: Turning Your Beading Passion into Profit


For those who have fallen in love with the artistry and joy of beading, the idea of transforming your passion into a profitable venture is undoubtedly enticing. Imagine being able to share your beautifully crafted beadwork with the world while making money doing what you love. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of turning your beading obsession into a lucrative business. From creating unique beaded products to effectively marketing and selling them at local artisan craft markets or through boutique stores, let’s embark on a journey towards crafting success.

Starting a new hobby jewelry business in Australia is an exciting venture that allows you to showcase your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. As you embark on this journey, it’s imperative to lay a solid foundation to ensure the smooth operation of your business. Beyond the essential steps like obtaining an Australian Business Number (ABN) and registering your business name, meticulous consideration of various legal aspects is vital. In the dynamic landscape of commerce, adhering to regulations can significantly impact the success and sustainability of your enterprise.

Getting everything right from the outset not only fosters a sense of professionalism but also paves the way for a smoother business experience. This includes understanding and complying with tax obligations, ensuring that your jewellery meets product safety standards, and implementing clear and comprehensive contracts for any collaborations or agreements. Moreover, safeguarding your intellectual property, addressing consumer rights, and staying abreast of online sales regulations are paramount. By meticulously addressing these considerations, you not only mitigate potential risks but also create a foundation that fosters trust among customers and partners, making your business journey more navigable and rewarding in the long run.

I. Crafting Unique Beaded Products

1. Identify Your Niche:

Start by defining your niche within the vast world of beading. Whether it’s intricate jewellery, home decor items, or personalised accessories, finding your unique selling proposition will set you apart in the market.

Consider things like the materials, colours, themes and aspects of your work that matter to you. Creating a collection and brand centred around gemstone bracelets with a small wooden feature, or a pearl with Miyuki Delica seed beads for example.

2. Quality Matters:

Invest in high-quality beads and materials. Your craftsmanship and the durability of your products will be key factors in establishing a loyal customer base.

Investing in sterling silver ear hooks can make your product appeal to a medium to higher value customer than cheap plated silver ear hooks would. Are you going to be cheap as chips with high turnover, top shelf exclusive and bespoke, or somewhere in between?

3. Stay on Trend:

Keep an eye on current trends in the jewellery and craft market. This doesn’t mean compromising your style, but incorporating popular elements can enhance the marketability of your creations.

Check out the Pantone colour of the year or colours of the season to plan incorporating upcoming looks into your designs. Look at what the established brands are doing. But remember, don’t copy their designs or ideas. Not only could that be a legal issue, but copying another brand will make you look tacky and unoriginal.

4. Create a Signature Style:

Develop a distinctive style that customers can associate with your brand. Whether it’s a specific colour palette, a particular bead arrangement, a specific element or material, or a unique technique, having a signature style adds value to your creations.

II. Setting Up Your Beading Business

1. Legal Considerations:

Research and comply with local business regulations. You’ll need to speak to your accountant regarding the requirements around ABN and tax as well as record keeping. Register a business name so you can trade under that name. Here is a list of aspects that you may need to consider. This is by no means a complete list.

  1. ABN (Australian Business Number): Check with the ATO on the options regarding an ABN. You’ll need this number to be able to apply for wholesale purchasing and for other business aspects. There is a GST free threshold, so you may be able to operate without having to worry about collecting and paying GST. On the flip side, you won’t be able to claim back GST on purchases if you’re not GST registered. This is one area you should consult a tax professional!
  2. Business Structure: Decide on the ideal business structure (sole trader, partnership, company) and register accordingly. Depending on how seriously you plan to grow our business, this can be crucial. An accountant should be able to advise on this.
  3. Business Name Registration: Register your business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This will come with costs to instigate and annual costs to maintain.
  4. Tax Obligations: Understand and comply with your tax obligations, including GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration if your turnover exceeds the threshold. Record keeping is essential. It would probably be a good idea to open a separate business bank account to keep your funds separate to make it easier on your accountant.
  5. Product Safety Standards: Ensure that your jewellery complies with Australian product safety standards. Considerations like the contents of materials, safety when used or purchased by children and many others. Metals with a high lead content can be purchased from overseas, but as the importer you are then legally liable. Gemstones containing asbestos are common place in some other countries and can be bought online unknowingly. These can be very serious so due diligence is required.
  6. Intellectual Property: Consider trademarking your brand or any unique designs to protect your intellectual property. On the other side, ensure you are not infringing on anyone else’s copyright. Checks need to be made to ensure your business name, logo, style, slogan and colour scheme are not in breach. As an example, a particular high street jewellery brand has a trade mark shade of teal. Using that colour in your jewellery brand could end badly!
  7. Contracts and Agreements: Draft clear and comprehensive contracts for any partnerships, collaborations, or agreements with suppliers, distributors, or retailers.
  8. Consumer Law Compliance: Be aware of and comply with Australian Consumer Law, including providing accurate product descriptions and addressing consumer guarantees. Simple things like saying “No refunds on sale items” is against the law. The reason for this is, the consumer may feel they can not return an item if it is faulty, incorrectly described or is not fit for purpose. Your customer has legal consumer guarantees that cannot be denied.
  9. Privacy Laws: If you collect customer information, ensure compliance with privacy laws and have a privacy policy in place. You may find that many laws do not apply to businesses under a certain size, however it is best practice to adopt the strictest policies to provide assurances and guarantees to your clients and customers.
  10. Online Sales Regulations: If you sell online, be familiar with e-commerce regulations, including disclosure of terms and conditions, and ensure a secure online payment system. Understand and comply with communications regulations such as anti-spam laws.
  11. Insurance: Besides the essential product liability insurance, consider other types of insurance, such as public liability insurance and business property insurance.
  12. Record Keeping: Maintain thorough records of your financial transactions, including income and expenses. Maintain your records as you go so it doesn’t become a burdening process.
  13. Occupational Health and Safety: Implement safety measures in your workspace to comply with occupational health and safety regulations. Consider yourself a serious business from the beginning so if you get to the point of needing to hire someone, you’ll already have the processes in place to comply with safe work practices.
  14. Environmental Regulations: Be aware of any environmental regulations related to the materials you use in your jewellery. A basic policy of sourcing responsibly produced materials, and recycling is a good place to start.
  15. Local Council Regulations: Check with your local council for any specific regulations or permits required for operating a business in your area.
  16. Employee Rights: If you hire employees, be familiar with and adhere to employment laws, including minimum wage requirements. Minimum award entitlements and superannuation are non-negotiable, so seek advice in this area.
  17. Product Labelling: Ensure that your jewellery is labelled correctly, providing necessary information about materials used, care instructions, etc.
  18. Dispute Resolution: Establish a process for handling customer complaints and disputes. Remember to seek professional advice or consult with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with specific legal requirements for your unique business situation.

2. Build an Inventory:

Create a diverse inventory of your beaded products. Having a range of items allows you to cater to different tastes and preferences.

3. Pricing Your Products:

Determine fair and competitive pricing for your creations. Consider factors such as material costs, time invested, and market demand. Be transparent about your pricing to build trust with customers. It’s important not to undervalue your time. If your products are time intensive but can not command a price to cover that time, you may need to make some hard decisions on those products.

4. Professional Packaging:

Invest in professional and visually appealing packaging. A well-packaged product not only protects your creation but also enhances the overall customer experience. Simply printing some cards and punching holes for earrings will make your brand come to life.

III. Selling at Local Artisan Craft Markets

1. Research Local Markets:

Identify local craft markets that align with your target audience. Attend a few as a visitor to understand the market dynamics before committing as a vendor.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Display:

Your booth’s visual appeal can significantly impact sales. Invest time in creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing display that showcases your beaded products effectively. A complete setup would include aspects such as tablecloths, product display stands, banners and backdrops, a uniform t-shirt, flags and business cards.

3. Engage with Customers:

Be approachable and ready to engage with potential customers. Share the story behind your creations and the passion that goes into each piece. Personal connections can turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. Try different little tricks to create buzz and entice sales. Colour, light and movement work wonders. If possible, standing at your booth rather than sitting can provide a more welcoming vibe.

4. Accept Multiple Payment Methods:

Ensure you can accept various payment methods, including cash, card, and mobile payments. This flexibility accommodates different customer preferences.

IV. Selling Through Boutique Stores

1. Build Relationships with Retailers:

Approach local boutique stores that align with your brand. Build relationships with store owners and offer them a sample of your products to showcase the quality and uniqueness of your work.

2. Consignment or Wholesale:

Decide whether you want to sell your products on consignment or wholesale. Consignment allows you to display your items in-store, with the store taking a percentage of sales. Wholesale involves selling your products to the store at a discounted rate, and they handle the retail markup.

3. Provide Marketing Materials:

Supply boutique stores with marketing materials, such as product brochures or business cards. This helps create brand awareness and provides customers with information about your craftsmanship.

4. Maintain Consistent Supply:

If a boutique store commits to selling your products, ensure a consistent and reliable supply. This reliability builds trust with store owners and encourages repeat orders.

V. Effective Online Presence

1. Create a Website or Online Store:

Establishing an online presence is crucial for reaching a broader audience. Create a professional website or set up an online store on platforms like Etsy or Shopify to showcase and sell your beaded creations.

2. Utilise Social Media:

Leverage social media platforms to promote your products. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your creative process, engage with your audience, and use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase your latest designs.

3. Invest in Professional Photography:

High-quality, visually appealing photos are essential for online sales. Invest in professional photography to showcase the details and beauty of your beaded products.

4. Optimise for SEO:

If you have a website, optimise it for search engines (SEO). Use relevant keywords in product descriptions, titles, and meta tags to improve your visibility in online searches.

VI. Building a Brand and Marketing Strategy

1. Craft a Unique Brand Story:

Share the story behind your brand and what makes your creations special. A compelling narrative can resonate with customers on a personal level.

2. Utilise Influencer Collaborations:

Partner with influencers or bloggers in the crafting and jewellery niche. Their endorsements and reviews can introduce your brand to a wider audience.

3. Participate in Craft Shows and Exhibitions:

Expand your reach by participating in larger craft shows or exhibitions. These events attract a diverse audience and provide valuable exposure for your brand.

4. Implement Customer Loyalty Programs:

Reward loyal customers with discounts or exclusive offers. Building a strong customer base is not just about making sales but fostering lasting relationships.


Embarking on a journey to turn your beading passion into a profitable venture requires dedication, creativity, and strategic planning. By crafting unique products, establishing a strong online and offline presence, and implementing effective marketing strategies, you can transform your love for beading into a successful business. Remember, the key is to stay true to your craft, continuously evolve, and enjoy the fulfilling journey of sharing your handmade creations with the world. May your beads bring not only beauty but also prosperity to your entrepreneurial Endeavor.

Once you have your ABN, talk to Beads N Crystals regarding wholesale purchasing options. We sell at trade prices to qualifying Australian businesses giving you access to many thousands of beading and crafting supplies in Australia. You’ll boost your profits with access to deep wholesale trade discounts on everything you need.

Happy crafting and happy selling!

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Unleash Your Creativity: 5 Great Christmas Gifts You Can Craft at Home with Your Kids

The Christmas season is a magical time of the year, filled with joy, laughter, and the spirit of giving. What better way to celebrate than by creating heartfelt, handmade Christmas gifts with your kids? In this post, we’ll explore five fantastic DIY projects that not only foster creativity but also make for unique and cherished presents. Get ready to embark on a crafting journey with beading, paper crafting featuring diamante crystals and sequins or glued beads, and the versatile medium of polymer clay. Let’s dive into the world of DIY magic!

1. Beaded Ornament Delight:

Bring a touch of elegance to your Christmas tree with handmade beaded ornaments. Gather an assortment of beads in various shapes and sizes, some sturdy wire, and let the creativity flow. Encourage your kids to create patterns or experiment with different colour combinations. Thread the beads onto the wire, forming beautiful shapes like stars, candy canes, or even miniature Christmas trees. Add a festive ribbon for hanging, and voila – you’ve crafted a dazzling ornament that will become a cherished family keepsake.

2. Diamante Crystal Greeting Cards:

Elevate your Christmas card game with the sparkle of diamante crystals. Set up a card-making station with plain cards, colourful paper, glue, and an array of diamante crystals. Let your kids explore their artistic side by crafting unique designs on the cards. Whether it’s a winter wonderland scene, a jolly Santa, or a festive Christmas tree, the addition of diamante crystals will add a touch of glamour. These personalised cards are not just a gift but a work of art that your loved ones will treasure.

School Holiday Craft Ideas
Holiday Crafting for the Whole Family

3. Polymer Clay Christmas Figurines:

Unleash the sculptor within by crafting adorable polymer clay Christmas figurines. Get a variety of polymer clay colours and let your kids mould festive characters like snowmen, reindeer, or even Santa himself. The great thing about Sculpey or CosClay polymer clays is their versatility and ease of use. After moulding the figures, bake them in the oven according to the clay’s instructions. Once cooled, your kids can paint and decorate their creations. These charming figurines make for delightful gifts or festive tabletop decorations.

4. Beaded Jewellery Extravaganza:

Create personalised jewellery that spreads holiday cheer with a fun family beading session. Provide an assortment of beads, including ones with festive colours and shapes. Guide your kids in making bracelets, necklaces, or even holiday-themed earrings. For an extra touch of glam, incorporate diamante crystals into the designs. The joy of crafting their jewellery will make these pieces extra special, and they can proudly gift them to friends, teachers, or family members.

5. Paper Crafted Bead Coasters:

Combine the worlds of paper crafting and beading to make stunning bead coasters. Start with sturdy coaster-sized cardboard or cork bases. Using paper crafting techniques, decorate the surface with festive designs. Then, get creative with beads, gluing them onto the coaster in intricate patterns or forming pictures. The combination of paper crafting and beading adds depth and texture to these functional pieces of art. Your kids can gift these coasters as a thoughtful and practical present that will bring a touch of handmade charm to any home.


This Christmas, make memories that will last a lifetime by engaging in these delightful crafting activities with your kids. From beaded ornaments to diamante crystal greeting cards, and polymer clay figurines to paper crafted bead coasters, these projects offer a perfect blend of creativity and festive spirit. Not only will you create unique Christmas gifts, but you’ll also foster a love for crafting and spending quality time together. So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and let the joy of handmade Christmas gifts fill your home with warmth and love this festive season. Happy beading and crafting!

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Crafting Sustainability

At Beads N Crystals we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment & creating a circular economy.

Energy and rubbish reductions are our two primary areas of focus to kick off this initiative. These are areas we believe we can make the biggest changes, which will have a real tangible and positive impact.

Turning our boxes into soft packing, reusing clipseal bags & bubble wrap, reducing single use plastics and encouraging suppliers to reduce packing materials when supplying to us have helped shrink our rubbish to landfill by roughly 75%. Going from 2-3 bins a week to less than one is a phenomenal achievement and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Adjustments to our procedures, changes to our air-con system and more efficient lighting have helped reduce electricity consumption by 16%.

We’re also taking back packaging material and unwanted craft products for recycling and re-use as part of our commitment to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future. We’re encouraging you, our truly valued customers, to recycle, reuse and return. Together we can craft a brighter future.

What we’re doing

    • Reusing Single Use Packing Materials
    • Shredding Cardboard Boxes to use as Packing Fill
    • Reusing Plastic Packaging (see below)
    • Using Boxes and Recycled Bags in place of New Bags
    • We’ve Completely Stopped Purchasing Plastic Bags and Bubble Wrap
    • Recycling Anything Recyclable that we can’t Reuse
    • Reducing the amount of Rubbish sent to Landfill
    • Reducing our Electricity Consumption

What you can do to help

    • Reuse Clipseal & Packaging Bags
    • Recycle or Compost Paper & Cardboard Packing Materials
    • Recycle Soft Plastics & Post Satchels in the collection bin if your council has an appropriate soft plastics recycle scheme.
    • Carefully open Australia Post Satchels that feature a second seal and re-use them.
    • Reuse Plastic Seed Bead Tubes. They’re perfect for screws and craft needles.
    • Return Unwanted Plastic Containers & Tubes – We give a store credit on seed bead tubes!
    • Drop off Unwanted Craft Supplies to Benefit Local Schools & Charities

Plastic Tube Credit Scheme

We can take back any unwanted plastic tubes from our seed beads. Once you’ve finished with the tubes, simply return them for an instant 20c store credit for each and every plastic tube (with lid) returned. They will be cleaned and re-used to reduce the number of new plastic tubes we need to import, so it makes a real difference! We can only accept back tubes that were originally purchased from us. You can spend the credit straight away or save it for a future purchase.

Put Unwanted Craft Supplies to Good Use

If you’re looking to de-stash any unwanted usable craft supplies (whatever the craft and whatever the condition), simply drop them in or post them to us. We’ll distribute them to local public schools and charity organisations.

We’ve already provided donated craft goods to Junction Park State School for craft classes. They plan to sell their finished items at their fete with proceeds funding a new garden and playground. Other supplies have been donated to charities that run craft workshops in nursing homes and remote communities. 

If you have anything at all that you’d like to offload, please drop it in to our recycle bin or send it to:

BNC De-Stast 
318 Ipswich Rd
Annerley Qld 4103

A Big Thank You to everyone who has already donated to our program.

We truly appreciate your help ensuring we can make a positive change in the community. It really means the world to us!

From all of us at Beads N Crystals,

Beads N Crystals! We’re not that kind of bead shop!