Thread Zappers

Hey there! Have you heard of Thread Zappers? They’re super handy for quickly and easily getting rid of those pesky loose threads on your beading or sewing projects. Trust me, they’ll save you so much time and frustration. Give them a try!

Cutting threads can be easier said than done. To effectively and neatly cut NYMO, FireLine, Rat Tail, S-Lon and other nylon based or synthetic cords requires sharp thread snippers. Regular scissors from your craft drawer simply won’t cut it, so to speak. Now, once you have managed to cut the thread, it begins to, almost instantly, fray into a faffery mess.

Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Introducing the amazing Thread Zap Tools – the ultimate solution for trimming and securing those annoying threads in one easy step. These compact tools run on regular batteries so you can take them with you wherever you go. Plus, they’re super easy to use – simply press the button and watch as the thread is sliced and diced, well ok not diced. But definitely melted securely so it can’t fray like a patronising thread screaming “nee nerr, you can’t cut me, neatly!” Nope! The thread will be trimmed to perfection and the end will be locked tight! Say goodbye to scissors and fraying threads, and hello to the Thread Zap Tool – your new best friend for all your sewing, beading and crafting needs!

With three brilliant zappers to choose from, we have you covered:

Thread Zap II – The essential Thread Zapper will trim threads and prevent fraying. Economical and simple.

Thread Zap Ultra – The next generation in zap tools, the Ultra features a retractable tip so no accidental burns and scolds. Simply slide out the tip and it activates instantly. The Ultra thread zap tool also has a slightly finer tip, making it easier to cut threads close to garments and beadwork.

Cord Zap– More power and a hotter tip allow you to cut through thicker cords. It works just as well on fine cords as the Thread Zap II, but it’s designed to also slice through thick cords like rat-tail, synthetic PU leather cords and even ParaCord!

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Showing all 5 results