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Crafting Beyond the Concert: Creative Ideas for Leftover Beads from the Taylor Swift Craze!

Hey there, Swifties! Travis here, ready to help you turn those leftover crafting supplies from your Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelets into new and exciting creations. Let’s dive into some creative crafting ideas that will put those beads, cords, and threads to good use!

Crafting Beyond the Concert. What can you do with all those leftover beads?

Did you find yourself knee-deep in beads after creating those fabulous friendship bracelets for the Taylor Swift concert? Wondering what to do with the leftover supplies now that the concert buzz is settling down? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a treasure trove of creative crafting ideas to make the most out of those extra beads. From personalised keychains to boho beaded anklets, there’s no shortage of ways to turn your leftover treasures into new and exciting creations. Let’s dive in and give those beads a second life filled with creativity and charm!

1. Personalised Keychains:

Use your leftover letter beads to spell out initials, names, or meaningful words on beading wire or elastic cords. Add colourful spacer beads for a pop of personality, finish it off with a keychain finding and voila – you’ve got custom keychains to gift to friends or attach to your backpack!

2. Boho Beaded Anklets:

String together leftover spacer beads and colourful discs on elastic cord to create trendy boho-inspired anklets. Mix and match colours and patterns to match your summer wardrobe and add a touch of Swiftie flair to your beach look.

3. Music-Inspired Bookmarks:

Channel your love for Taylor Swift’s iconic songs into handmade bookmarks. String together letter beads to spell out your favorite song lyrics or album titles, and embellish with coordinating spacer beads. Hang them off a bookmark finding and you’re all done! It’s a fun way to keep your place in your favorite reads while paying homage to your favorite artist.

4. Inspirational Quote Bracelets:

Get inspired by Taylor Swift’s empowering lyrics and create bracelets featuring uplifting quotes or messages. Use a mix of letter beads and colourful spacers to spell out words like “Fearless,” “Brave,” or “Kindness.” Wear them as a daily reminder to stay strong and true to yourself.

5. Pet Collar Charms:

Treat your furry friends to some Swiftie style with homemade pet collar charms. Spell out their names or nicknames using leftover letter beads, and add cute spacer beads for extra flair. Attach them to their collars for a touch of personalised bling.

6. Upcycled Hair Accessories:

Give plain hair ties or clips a makeover with leftover beads and cords. Wrap elastic cords or wrapping wire around hair ties and thread on colourful spacer beads for a bohemian-chic vibe. Or glue letter beads onto bobby pins to create custom hair accessories featuring your favorite Swiftie phrases.

7. Donation Station Reminder:

Remember, if you find yourself with more supplies than you can craft with, don’t let them go to waste! Consider donating your leftover beads, cords, and threads to our Crafting Sustainability recycling bin in-store. Your generosity will help support local schools and charities, providing them with much-needed crafting supplies to spark creativity in the community community.

So there you have it, Swifties – a plethora of crafting ideas to keep the creativity flowing long after Tay Tay flies off into the sunset after the final concert in Australia. Let’s turn those leftover supplies into new treasures and spread the love of crafting far and wide! Keep on crafting, and remember, every bead tells a story.

Get your Bead-Fix and Chill!
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