Wire Guardians Example

Guardians, often called wire protectors or wire guards, are small components used in jewellery-making that play a crucial role in protecting and reinforcing the connection between beading wire and the clasp. They are made of metal, such as sterling silver, gold-filled, or plated materials, and are available in various finishes to match the overall aesthetic of the jewellery piece.

The wire guardian has a horseshoe or U-shaped design with open ends. It is threaded onto the beading wire before attaching the clasp. The wire passes through one end of the wire guardian, loops around the track which is sent through the clasp loop, and then passes back through the other end of the wire guardian, creating a secure and protective pathway.

By using wire guardians, the beading wire is shielded from wear and tear caused by friction or movement at the clasp or jump ring attachment point. This helps to prevent the wire from fraying, kinking, or breaking, ensuring the jewellery remains intact and durable over time. The wire guardian also adds a professional and finished look to the jewellery piece.

Wire guardians are especially beneficial for jewellery made with delicate or soft beading wires, such as nylon-coated stainless steel or fine beading wire. They provide an added layer of protection and stability, reducing the risk of wire damage or failure. Additionally, they can be used with a variety of clasps, including lobster clasps, spring rings, and toggle clasps, making them versatile and suitable for various jewellery designs.

We highly recommend using wire guardians in any jewellery made on tiger tail or Flex-Rite beading wire. They are small but essential components in jewellery-making that provide both protection and reinforcement. They safeguard the connection between beading wire and the clasp, preventing wire damage and ensuring the longevity of the jewellery piece.

Where can you buy Wire Guardians?

Beads N Crystals stocks a great range of premium wire guardians in plated metals, premium tarnish resistant metals and also precious metals including Sterling Silver and Gold Filled.

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