BeadSmith 1 Step Looper Plier – 2.25mm


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Bead Smith 1 Step Looper Plier – 2.25mm

Trims & loops head pins and wire in one easy step. Works with 18-24g wire excluding memory wire. This tool makes a 2.25mm loop.

Please note – due to the demand of this tool, Beadsmith may replace supply with the Vintaj 1 Steep Looper. This tool is made by BeadSmith in the same factory and is owned and approved by Beadsmith. We reserve the right to send the Vintaj tool when Beadsmith is out of stock. The only difference in the tool is the handle colour.

With the 1 Step Looper, you can create and trim loops in one easy step! Works with dead soft or half hard precious metal wire, craft wire, and copper or brass core wire.

– Makes a consistent size 2.25mm loop every time.
– Bends and trims between
24- and 18-gauge wires.
– Allows beaders to customise the length of eye pins.
– Patent protected
– Premium Quality Construction. Made in Taiwan

The 1-step looper tool is a specialized tool designed specifically for creating wire loops quickly and easily. It is often used by jewellery makers and beading enthusiasts to create consistent and professional-looking loops for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other beaded accessories.

The 1-step looper tool works by grasping a piece of wire with the tool’s jaws, positioning the wire end into the slot, and then gently squeezing the handles together. This action will create a perfectly sized loop with a flush cut end, eliminating the need for multiple tools or steps in the wire looping process.
One of the main benefits of using the 1-step looper tool is that it saves time and reduces frustration during the beading process. Jewellery makers can create loops quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their crafting projects. Additionally, the loops produced by the 1-step looper tool are uniform in size and shape, which can make it easier to create symmetrical and balanced designs.

The 1-step looper tool is available in various sizes, allowing you to create loops in different wire gauges. Some models even feature additional features like built-in wire cutters or comfortable ergonomic handles for extended use.

The 1-step looper tool is a useful and valuable addition to any jewellery maker’s toolkit. It is a specialised tool that can make wire looping easier, faster, and more consistent, helping you create high-quality and professional-looking beaded accessories with ease.

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 by Sara

I can't tell you how many hours this has saved me. Not to mention how many blisters I don't have thanks to this looper!

 by Dawn

the best tool i've ever bought and its the best price too

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