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The 1-Step Earwire Maker Tool by Bead Buddy makes perfect ear wires in 1 squeeze. Designed for 20, 22 & 24 gauge wires. This allows you to make professionally formed ear wires in practically any colour with accurate consistency.

This handy tool is designed to transform 2 inch lengths of 20, 22, or 24 gauge wire into perfectly shaped ear wires with one squeeze! Create professional-looking ear wires in any color

Here’s how it works:
1) Cut a 2″ length of wire
2) Spread tool handles apart
3) Insert wire
4) Squeeze handles together
5) Keep handles closed and remove ear wire

The One Step Ear Wire Maker tool is essential for jewellery makers for several reasons:

       Efficiency and Time-Saving: This tool streamlines the process of creating ear wires, allowing jewellery makers to produce consistent and professional-quality ear wires quickly. It eliminates the need for multiple steps and tools, saving valuable time in the jewellery-making process.

       Consistency in Size and Shape: The One Step Ear Wire Maker ensures that each ear wire is uniform in size and shape. This consistency is crucial for creating symmetrical and balanced earrings, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the jewellery pieces.

       Ease of Use: Even beginners in jewellery making can easily use the One Step Ear Wire Maker tool. Its simple design and user-friendly operation make it accessible to both hobbyists and professional jewellery makers.

       Professional Finish: The ear wires created with this tool have a polished and professional finish. They look sleek and well-crafted, with a bespoke look that your customers will love, enhancing the overall quality and value of the finished earrings.

       Enhanced Jewellery Presentation: Using professionally hand-made ear wires elevates the overall presentation of your jewellery. Customers are more likely to be attracted to and trust pieces with well-crafted ear wires, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

The One Step Ear Wire Maker tool is essential for jewellery makers because it offers efficiency, consistency, versatility, ease of use, and a professional finish. By utilising this tool, jewellery makers can create beautiful and well-crafted ear wires, elevating the quality and appeal of their handmade earrings.

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