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Scales & Measuring tools for precision and accuracy in your crafting and jewellery-making endeavors. Explore our range of essential tools designed to ensure your measurements are spot on. From digital scales for accurate weight measurements to calipers for precise dimensions, measuring tapes for flexible length assessments, metal rulers for straight-edge accuracy, and finger and ring sizers for perfect sizing.

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Mastering Precision: A Comprehensive Guide to Scales & Measuring Tools for Beading & Jewellery Making

In the intricate world of jewellery making, precision is paramount. Our Scales & Measuring category offers a plethora of tools designed to elevate your craftsmanship to new heights. Let’s delve into the details of these indispensable instruments:

Digital Scales:

Digital scales provide accurate weight measurements, crucial for determining the precise amount of materials in your creations. Whether measuring gemstones, metals, or other components, these scales ensure your proportions are perfect. They’re also ideal for calculating costs on items bought by the weight and used in increments.

Another popular use for our digital scales is in polymer clay and resin work. Use the scales to measure your epoxy resin and inclusions with great accuracy for optimal results.


Precision meets versatility with calipers, allowing you to measure the inner and outer dimensions of objects with unparalleled accuracy. Perfect for intricate designs that demand meticulous attention to detail. These handy little tools will tell you the exact dimeter or size of a bead, finding or component. They can also measure the inner diameter of jump rings and more. Some larger calipers even feature a metal extendable rod for measuring hole depth!

Measuring Tapes:

Measuring tapes offer flexibility in length assessments, ideal for projects that require dynamic sizing. Whether you’re working on beaded necklaces or wire-wrapped bracelets, these tapes are your trusty companions.

Metal Rulers:

For straight-edge accuracy, metal rulers are essential. They provide a sturdy and reliable guide for making precise cuts, ensuring your jewellery pieces are uniform and polished.

Finger and Ring Sizers:

Achieving the perfect fit is non-negotiable in jewellery making. Finger and ring sizers allow you to measure ring sizes accurately, ensuring your creations are comfortable and well-suited for your clients.

As you embark on your jewellery-making journey, investing in high-quality Scales & Measuring tools becomes a game-changer. These instruments not only enhance the accuracy of your work but also contribute to the professional finish that sets your creations apart. Explore the possibilities, embrace precision, and watch your jewellery designs reach new levels of sophistication.

Where to buy Callipers and Digital Scales in Australia

Look no further, Beads N Crystals has you covered with a great range of measuring tools for your beading, crafts and more! We’re open to the public and also offer bulk and commercial purchasing through our dedicated wholesale program.

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