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Beading and jewellery making pliers are essential tools for anyone interested in making jewellery. They come in a wide variety of styles, and are used for a range of tasks such as opening and closing jump rings, crimping beads, cutting and shaping wire, creating loops, and lots more. Beads N Crystals stocks a wide range of high quality BeadSmith pliers in Australia. Here you’ll find individual tools, crimpers and pliers for beading and wirework. Choose the perfect tools for your requirements and make up your own kit.

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Beading Tools for Jewellery Making

Jewellery making pliers and crimpers are essential tools for anyone interested in beading and making jewellery. These tools come in various styles, each designed to perform specific tasks that are necessary in the creation of beaded accessories. Whether you’re looking for beading tools for beginners or advanced beaders, we have what you need!

Which Jewellery Pliers for Beading?

Pliers are a type of hand tool that are used to hold and grip objects firmly. They are essential tools in jewellery making, as they are used for bending, shaping, and manipulating wires, chains, and other jewellery components. There are several types of pliers that are commonly used in jewellery making, each with its own unique features and functions.

What tools do I need for Beading?

There are three main tools that are the essential pliers for most beading techniques. If you’re looking to start out with a basic beading plier kit, these three tools are the place to start. These three tools will allow you to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets and lots more, using wrapping wire, tiger tail stringing wire, headpins, jump rings, crimps, clasps, and endings.

  1. Chain-nose pliers, also known as needle-nose pliers or bead chain pliers, have tapered, pointed jaws that allow for precise gripping and manipulation of small components. They are commonly used for bending and shaping wire, opening and closing jump rings, and attaching clasps to necklaces and bracelets. It’s important to select smooth pliers with no serrated “teeth” for beadwork.
  2. Round-nose pliers have jaws that are round and taper towards the tips. They are ideal for creating loops, curves, and other rounded shapes in wire. They are commonly used for making eye pins, jump rings, and wire-wrapped components. When opening and closing jump rings, you need two tools, so if you have only one chain-nose plier, use the round nose as the second tool to grip and twist the jumpring.
  3. Side cutters are used to cut wire, headpins and tiger tail. They usually taper towards the tip allowing you to get in close to cut neatly. This tool is also useful for trimming excess wire and removing unwanted loops on findings and components.

What Other Beading Tools will I Need?

Depending on your skill level and the kinds of things you plan to make, there are several other tools that will make your beading projects a pleasure to complete.

  • Flat-nose pliers have flat, wide jaws that are ideal for gripping and holding wire and metal surfaces. They are commonly used for straightening wire, bending flat wire into shapes, and gripping small components. If you’re going to be bending right-angles in wire, these pliers are a must!
  • Crimpers are another essential tool in jewellery making. These tools are used to secure beads in place on tiger tail or Flex-rite beading wire using crimps. There are several ways to crimp depending on the wire, crimps and desired look of the project. Standard crimping pliers will securely lock round, tornado or tubular crimps onto wire to keep your jewellery together. Magic Crimpers will form a tubular crimp into a little round bead, effectively hiding the crimp and making for a more professional finished piece.
  • Bent Chain-Nose Pliers are the best invention since sliced bread for anyone using jump rings. Hold your regular chain nose plier in one hand and the bent chain nose plier in the other to quickly and precisely open and close jump rings.
  • Hollow looping pliers have a round tip on one side and a concaved tapered cup on the other. They’re used to create loops and rounded bends in wire. They can be a great help if you’re making your own eye-pins or looping the end of headpins after threading on beads.
  • Flush Cutters are just like side cutters but they provide a smooth or flush side to the cut. This is especially important if you’re making your own ear wires and ear hooks, or wrapping gemstones and feature pendants. A flush cut won’t scratch the skin or catch on fabrics like a sharp ended cut will.
  • 1-Step Looper is an amazing invention which will cut wire and make a round loop in the end with a single squeeze! If you’re making a linked chain, simply pop a bead onto an eyepin, insert the tail of the pin into the 1-step looper and squeeze. Voila! A bead with a loop on either side! Now link the loops together for an instant daisy-chain. This tool is a must for creating lots of earrings too!

What to use to cut beading wire

Most beading and wrapping wire can be cut using side cutters, or flush cutters for a smoother edge. If you’re cutting memory wire, never use your normal cutters. Memory wire is hardened so much that they will destroy regular beading cutters in seconds. For memory wire, we have a specific cutter which is virtually indestructible.

How to use split ring pliers

Another useful tool is the split-ring plier. A quick lesson on split rings first. There can be a lot of confusion around the names split-ring and jump-ring so it’s important to clear that up first. A jump ring is a single loop with a cut. Imagine a little zero made of wire and snipped at one point. It can be opened and closed by separating the ends and bringing them back together. A split-ring on the other hand is what your keys are probably hanging on. The wire wraps around and overlaps by almost a full loop.

Opening and closing very small split-rings for jewellery making can be a little tricky. It’s tempting to pull the end open with a fingernail, but apart from giving your manicurist heart palpitations, it also bends the ring and tends to leave it slightly open. A split ring that won’t close securely is a problem because it will catch on things and may cause it to work it’s way off entirely.

A split ring plier is like a fine chain nose plier, but one side is bent in with a pointed tip. This tip is set into the split holding the end out just far enough to link on your charm, chain or cord. Once the end is in place, release the ring from the plier and twist the ring around until the loop falls into the ring, just like threading a new key onto your keyring.

How to Choose the Right Beading Tools and Pliers

We stock several different tool and plier collections, each with their own benefits. It’s important to make the right choice when purchasing beading tools as they will be on your desk and in your kit for years to come. Whatever you decide, rest assured Beads N Crystals carries only good to amazing quality tools which are tried and tested for a range of beading applications. We stand behind the tools on quality and durability and ensure you’ll be 100% satisfied with your purchase. They’re all backed by a full manufacturer warranty which we handle directly so you can keep beading!

  • TDK Tools: These tools are our entry-level tools. They offer exceptional value and good quality for occasional or infrequent beaders. There are three tools in the range. Choose from side cutters, round nose pliers, and chain nose pliers. Like all the beading pliers on sale at Beads N Crystals, the TDK range are durable, strong, and feature non-serrated surfaces to avoid marking your wire.
  • BeadSmith ColorID Tools: These are our most popular tools. The first range from The BeadSmith with soft grips, box joints and stainless steel construction. In this range you can choose from side cutters, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, bent chain nose, and square nose pliers. There are also 3-piece sets, 5-piece sets, and a travel pack with 3-pieces and some extras. There is also a miniature version of this tool available in a 3-piece set and also a 5-piece tool set. Also in this range is our popular 8-piece tool kits in a wide range of colours.
  • BeadSmith Zebra Pliers: The zebra print may seem like a gimmick, but these plush tools are actually larger with a more precision design, softer grips and are stronger. If you’re planning to give your tools a workout, the Zebra range won’t fail to impress. There is also a tool kit available. In the same standard of tool, there is also the Pink Camo tool set with gun-grip handles. The tools are identical in quality to the zebra range, but some beaders find the gun-grip shaped handles are more ergonomic for extremely heavy use.
  • WireWorkers Pliers: Do you work with wire, and sometimes with fairly thick gauges? If so, the WireWorkers range is your best option. They’re bigger, heavier and much stronger that the other tools. You can bend, twist and shape heavy gauge wires without damaging them! Choose from chain nose, narrow chain nose or bent chain nose pliers, flat nose, and round nose pliers. There are no cutters in this range, but we can recommend the Xuron steel Hard Wire Cutter with Retainer as your best option for heavier wires.
  • BeadSmith Micro-Fine: At the other end of the spectrum, we have the micro fine tools. These super-fine precision tools allow for precision shaping of wire. There are bent chain nose and chain nose pliers as well as round nose and flat nose pliers. A tool kit containing all four is also available with a handy storage case.
  • Chroma Pliers: If you want the best quality tools, check out the Chroma collection with the rainbow titanium finish which will make your hairdresser jealous! Round nose, chain nose, bent chain nose and side cutters are available as well as a 6-piece set with tweezers and scissors in a matching zip-up case.

BeadSmith Pliers Australia

Jewellery making pliers and crimpers are essential tools for anyone interested in making jewelry. Beads N Crystals is a proud distributor of premium quality BeadSmith pliers and tools. The BeadSmith brand is famous for quality, value and range. Every aspect of beading is covered by a comprehensive selection of high quality tools at budget friendly prices. They are designed to perform specific tasks that are necessary in the creation of jewellery. The different types of pliers and crimpers available offer a range of functions, from shaping wire to securing beads and other components. By choosing the right pliers and crimpers for the task at hand, jewellery makers and beaders can create beautiful and professional-looking pieces.

TDK Tools in Australia – Unleashing Craftsmanship Excellence

Begin your beading experience with TDK Tools, the epitome of premium quality tools at exceptional value prices. At Beads N Crystals, we take pride in introducing these essential instruments that cater to every bead enthusiast’s needs, regardless of style or preference.

Discover a new level of precision and durability with TDK Tools, meticulously crafted to exacting Japanese quality standards. Our 125mm Tools, featuring textured rubber grips, redefine performance and reliability without breaking the bank.

Textured rubber grips, quality box joint construction, and versatile wire compatibility, all at an exceptional budget-friendly price.

TDK Tools – Great Value – Great Quality: Exceptional quality shouldn’t come at a steep price. TDK Tools are meticulously designed to provide utmost value without compromising on the excellence demanded by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Backed by Beads N Crystals, the full warranty provided on these tools gives you peace of mind to guarantee years of enjoyable beading.

Shop TDK Tools now and embark on a journey of craftsmanship excellence! TDK Tools are available at Beads N Crystals, the Best Bead Shop in Brisbane!

Where to Buy Beading Tools and Supplies in Australia

Beads N Crystals stocks a complete range of beads and pliers to suit every aspect of beading and many other hobbies and crafts. You won’ find a better selection of beading pliers and crimping pliers in Australia. If you’re in Brisbane, please drop in to our store to see them for yourself. The full range of beading pliers is also for sale right here on our website. Please get in contact if you’d like to have a chat about which tools would suit your needs best.

If you’re running workshops, classroom activities or purchasing for a business, our wholesale program offers generous discounts on beading pliers.

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