BeadSmith ColorID 5″ Chain Nose With Cutter


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Bead Smith ColorID 5″ Chain Nose With Cutter

– Full size 12cm tools
– Spring Action
– Cushion Grips
– Polished Steel Heads
– Pro Quality

The BeadSmith ColorID plier range is a set of great value high-quality pliers designed for beaders and jewellery makers. They are designed with a unique colour-coding system that helps users easily identify the right tool for the task at hand.

This product is the Chain Nose Pliers with Cutter which can be used for opening and closing rings, attaching, and linking various components, closing crimp covers and attaching leather ends, basic crimping and shaping wire, opening and closing jump rings and even cutting wire and tiger tail. This will become one of the most used tools in your kit!

Each pair of pliers in the BeadSmith ColorID range is color-coded based on its function. For example, the yellow-handled pliers are for cutting wire, while the blue-handled pliers are for crimping. This system makes it easy for users to quickly identify the right tool for the job, reducing the risk of using the wrong pliers and potentially damaging your materials.

In addition to the colour-coding system, the BeadSmith ColorID pliers feature an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue and provides a secure grip. The pliers are made with a soft grip handle that is easy to hold and provides excellent control and accuracy, even when working with small or delicate beads and wire.

The BeadSmith ColorID plier range includes a variety of pliers, including round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, and bent-nose pliers. Each style is designed for a specific task, such as bending wire or gripping beads. Additionally, the pliers are suitable for use with a range of materials, from wire and cord to metal and beads.

The ColorID Family Includes:
– Yellow – Side Cutters
– Teal – Chain Nose Pliers with Cutter
– Blue – Bent Chain Nose Pliers
– Red – Square Nose Pliers
– Green – Round Nose Pliers

The BeadSmith ColorID plier range is a fantastic valuable and convenient tool collction for any jewellery maker or beading enthusiast. The colour-coding system makes it easy to quickly identify the right tool for the task, while the ergonomic design and high-quality construction ensure excellent control and accuracy. These pliers are a great choice for anyone looking to start out creating beautiful and professional-looking beaded accessories.

Beads N Crystals stocks all five tools in the ColorID range, along with a 3-piece and an all inclusive 5-piece value pack. The 3-piece set is our go-to solution for anyone new to beading, while the 5-piece set is great for beaders looking to create a wide range of different types of jewellery. Individual tools are a fantastic option for completing specific tasks or replacing an old and worn tool from your kit.

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