Universal Magical Crimp Tool for 0.014″ Flex-Rite EOL


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Universal Magical Crimp Tool for 0.014″ Flex-Rite

This Universal Magical Crimp Tool is designed for use with standard 2mm tube crimps together with 0.014 flex-rite (or similar) tigertail beading wire.

Possibly the greatest hatred of any designer is the dreaded rough and ugly crimp!! Now you can transform 2mm tubular crimps into round beads with no sharp edges! No more clumsy crimp covers needed! Secure crimping, quick & easy. A professional finish for your jewellery.

Many beaders use a clumsy crimp cover or try to slip a filler bead over their crimps in an attempt to cover up an ugly rough flat crimp.
Well now there is a better way! The BEAD SMITH Magical Crimp Forming Tool transforms regular 2mm tubular crimps into beautifully simple round beads!

If you make quality jewellery for resale your customers will appreciate the quality and professional finish of a premium plated, sterling silver or gold filled crimp ball.

You will need:
Flex-Rite 0.014″ (0.35mm) beading wire
2mm Tube Crimps in plated metal, sterling silver or gold filled

Please note the tool colour supplied may vary. They may be produced in Purple or Yellow handles however the tool is otherwise identical.

The Original tool has a soft foam-feel handle.

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