2x2mm Tube Crimps

How To Magic Crimp your Beads

The famous Magic Crimp tool from BeadSmith is a true game-changer when it comes to creating beautiful beaded jewellery. Here are some great reasons why it’s the best tool for the job (plus a video to show just how easy it is!):

Neat and Tidy Finish: The Magic Crimp tool is designed specifically for 2x2mm tube crimps, creating a neat and tidy rounded bead. This ensures a polished and professional finish to your jewellery while improving the overall appearance.

Durability: The rounded crimp created by the Magic Crimp tool tends to be more durable than flat crimps. This added strength reduces the chances of your jewellery coming apart, providing longevity to your creations.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The rounded bead produced by the Magic Crimp tool adds an elegant touch to your jewellery. It seamlessly integrates with the overall design, giving your pieces a sophisticated and cohesive look.

User-Friendly: The tool is designed with user convenience in mind. Its ease of use makes crimping a quick and hassle-free process, allowing you to focus more on your creativity and less on the technical aspects of jewellery making.

Versatility: The Magic Crimp tool works well with various bead sizes and materials, providing versatility in your jewellery-making projects. This adaptability allows you to explore different designs and experiment with diverse bead combinations.

Professional Finish: If you aim for a professional finish in your beaded jewellery, the Magic Crimp tool is your ideal companion. Its precision and consistency contribute to a finished product that looks like it was crafted by a seasoned artisan.

How to Select the right Magic Crimper for your projects

There are several magic crimp tools available which may make the selection process seem confusing. But that’s not really the case. The only difference between the tools is the wire thickness it’s designed for. They all take the same 2.2mm tube crimps and all produce the same round, strong, neat and tidy result.

So, lets choose the right tool. If you tend to use smaller beads, seed beads, light weight materials and freshwater pearls, the 0.014 tool is for you. Be sure to grab a tool, a pack of crimps and a spool of 0.014” Flex Rite beading wire and you’re all set.

On the other hand, if you’re often working with medium to large beads, glass beads, gemstones, or if you’re hanging pendants from your necklaces, the 0.018 to 0.020” tools are the best option. There may be a couple of different tools in this size, with the handle design being the only difference. All you need to start making perfect jewellery is the tool, a pack of 2x2mm tube crimps and a spool of 0.018” or the slightly thicker 0.020” Flex-Rite beading wire.

When selecting the wires, you’ll notice there are different “strand counts”. For the purpose of crimping these strand counts within the diameter size make no difference to the function of the crimp itself.

Where to but the Magic Crimper

Beads N Crystals Bead Shop in Brisbane is where you’ll find the best range of beads, tools and crimping supplies. If you’re local, please drop in and we’ll be happy to demo this amazing tool for you.

Otherwise, please check out the YouTube video which shows just how easy it is. Note the video is focusing on making illusion jewellery. When using crimps, we’d suggest threading through a loop, clasp or wire guardian and back into the crimp.

Quick Recap

The Magic Crimp tool offers a combination of precision, durability, and aesthetics that make it the best tool for achieving a stunning and professional look in your beaded jewellery. Give it a try, and you’ll likely find it to be an indispensable asset in your jewellery-making toolkit.

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