Plastic Heart Bead for Friendship Bracelet 7mm White Silver


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Plastic Heart Bead 7mm White Silver

They are so good for making Friendship Bracelet!

Hey, crafting hearts! Add a touch of elegance to your friendship bracelets with our 7mm Plastic Heart Beads. These beads feature a classic white backdrop adorned with a charming silver heart, creating a look that’s both timeless and chic.

Craft bracelets that speak volumes about your bond with these heartwarming beads. Whether you’re spelling out names or creating a pattern of love, these beads are the perfect companions for your creative journey.

So, gather your heart-loving squad, dive into the world of creative camaraderie, and let these 7mm White Plastic Heart Beads with Silver Hearts be the shining stars of your next friendship bracelet adventure. Because in the language of friendship, every heart tells a beautiful story!

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