Plastic Love Heart Star Moon Flower Bead for Friendship Bracelet 7mm


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Plastic Heart love Star Moon Flower Glow in Dark Assorted Bead 7mm Gold

They are so good for making Friendship Bracelet!

Hey, cosmic creators! Infuse your friendship bracelets with celestial love using our 7mm Plastic Heart, Star, Moon, and Flower Beads. These beads are a symphony of shapes and symbols, each measuring 7mm, to add a touch of magic to your wristwear creations.

Craft bracelets that tell a story of love, under the starry moonlit sky, with these whimsical beads. Mix and match the heart, love, star, moon, and flower beads to create a celestial masterpiece on your wrist.

So, gather your celestial crew, explore the cosmos of creativity, and let these 7mm Plastic Heart, Love, Star, Moon, and Flower Beads be the shining stars of your next friendship bracelet adventure. Because in the universe of crafting, your creations are truly out of this world!

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