Czech Beads

You may not have known what they were called, but if you’ve seen rosaries or costume jewellery, you’ve probably admired the beautiful pressed, fire-polished glass beads used to make them.

Originating in the Bohemian region that eventually became the Czech Republic, Czech beads are made with an ancient glass-making technique older than its namesake.

The formerly painstaking technique grew to a scale of sophisticated mass production, which is why we can now buy Czech beads from anywhere around the world.

Our Czech beads

Beads N Crystals stocks a wide and wonderful range of high-quality Czech beads for sale that would work great in a myriad of handicraft projects and artworks.

If you’re looking for something classic, you’ll love our Cathedral Dome beads and Rondelle beads. We also stock more unique shapes like our Gumdrop beads and Czech pearls, which are available in strands perfect to use in a variety of beading projects.

All of our beads are available in several colours and at wholesale prices for orders worth at least $100.

Discover the charm of Czech beads

We love using Czech beads because they’re just as practical as they are pretty for handiwork. There’s a truly wide assortment of Czech beads that only continues to grow along with evolving technologies and techniques.

The technique of pressing glass used to make the beads involves moulds to make various shapes and sizes. The beads can also be made into any colour and artisans can give them different finishes. Fire polishing gives the glass beads a certain glow, while coatings give them a more matte finish.

Authentic Czech beads are of good quality and exceptionally durable, making them very cost-effective. Their uniform quality will also elevate the beauty and durability of your jewellery or beadwork. Extremely versatile, they will surely add charm to any handiwork.

Traditionally, these beads were used to make rosaries and costume jewellery, but they are easy to use for any beadwork imaginable. Since the beads are made with moulds, it’s easy to adjust the location, size and number of the holes, so you can easily string them with different materials.

Because they’re so lightweight, Czech beads are ideal to use as embellishments on clothing and other crafts. And aside from the typical necklaces and bracelets, these beads are also amazing to use for hair accessories. 

Maintenance and care

We love how Czech beads are easy to maintain and care for. Here are some tips:

  • Clean the beads with a simple solvent solution. You can use soap and lukewarm water, along with soft brushes, to clean the beads. Alternatively, you can simply use a soft damp towel to wipe them clean.
  • Keep the beads out of direct sunlight and damp places. The colour of Czech beads shouldn’t fade, but unfavourable conditions could diminish their integrity over time.
  • Store jewellery and items with elaborate beadwork flatly to avoid tangling or snagging.
  • If the beads are part of a complicated embroidered piece, you may want to get a professional to clean them.

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