Plastic Smile Bead for Friendship Bracelet 10mm White / Gold


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Plastic Smile Bead 10mm White / Gold

They are so good for making Friendship Bracelets!

Hey, joyous creators! Add a touch of elegance to your friendship bracelets with our 10mm Plastic Smile Beads in classic white, each adorned with a charming gold face print. Craft bracelets that radiate positivity and style with these delightful smile beads.

Spell out uplifting messages, showcase your squad’s initials, or simply let the golden smiles shine in your wristwear creations. These beads aren’t just smiles; they’re the golden exclamation points in your friendship bracelet story.

So, gather your happy crew, dive into the world of cheerful crafting, and let these 10mm White Plastic Smile Beads with Gold Faces be the gleaming stars of your next friendship bracelet masterpiece. Because when it comes to creativity, a golden smile is always in fashion!

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