Polymer Clay

These beads are hand made using oven bake Polymer Clay, though at our low prices you won’t believe us!

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Polymer clay beads are literally made using oven-bake polymer clay. They’re a great material for beading projects, as they come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, and can be easily customised to fit any design. Best of all they’re light weight, durable and inexpensive.

Here are some tips and ideas for beading with polymer clay beads:

  • Choose the right size and shape: Polymer clay beads come in many different sizes and shapes, from small round beads to large geometric shapes. Consider the design and style of your project when choosing the size and shape of your polymer clay beads. Smaller beads can be used for delicate designs, while larger beads can be used for bold and statement pieces.
  • Mix and match with other materials: Polymer clay beads pair well with other materials, such as glass, metal, freshwater pearls, and natural stones. Consider mixing different types of beads in complementary colours and textures to create a unique and interesting design.
  • Experiment with different techniques: Polymer clay beads can be used in a variety of beading techniques, including stringing, wirework, and bead weaving. Experiment with different techniques to create unique and interesting designs.
  • Use polymer clay to create your own custom beads: Polymer clay can be easily moulded and shaped into custom beads of any size or shape. Consider using polymer clay to create your own custom beads that fit the specific needs of your design. They’re easy to make and the creative possibilities are literally endless.

Polymer clay beads are a versatile and customizable material for beading projects. With a little creativity and experimentation, you can use polymer clay beads to create unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Showing 1–40 of 139 results