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Our size 11 seed beads are made in Czechia (Czech Republic) by Preciosa, a company renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality, intricate craftsmanship, and rich history in bead making.

Czech seed beads are conveniently sold per 6-strand hank, making them a perfect choice for needle and thread seed beading projects. To use them, simply untie the knot securing the hank, and then slide your threaded needle along the line of beads to pick them off the thread one by one or in groups, as required for your creative endeavours. This packaging method offers a convenient way to access and work with these tiny beads, ensuring smooth and seamless beadwork for your jewellery designs and other crafts. It saves lots of time compared to manually threading loose seed beads from a tube.

What sets Czech seed beads apart from cheap alternatives is their consistency in size and shape, allowing for seamless and intricate beadwork designs. They are available in an extensive array of vibrant colours, effects, and finishes, including transparent, opaque, metallic, and iridescent options, providing jewellery makers with an extensive palette for creative expression.

–     WEIGHT: 18 Grams (Approximately)
–     SIZE: 11 (or 11/0) Round
–     METRIC: 2.1mm
–     HOLE: 0.8mm
–     QUANTITY: 2300 Beads per Hank (Approximately)
–     HANK SIZE: 6 Strands at 50cm (loop) per strand.
–     HANK LENGTH: Overall length of 3m of seed beads per hank

Facts about Size 11:
–      Beads Per cm: 7-8
–      Beads per inch: 19
–      Beads per square cm: 35-40
–      Beads per square inch: 220

Recommended Threads:
–      FireLine and NanoFil – These threads are the strongest on the market!
–      Miyuki Dura-Line – The Japanese alternative to Fireline. Sold in smaller rolls.
–      KO and Miyuki Threads – Stronger than many other threads and available in a great range of colours. Premium quality Japanese threads.
–      NYMO Thread – Great for multiple passes and lower cost projects. You may like to wax the threads to increase longevity. The best alternative to cotton for a stronger more professional result.
–      Miyuki Elastic – A multi-filament elastic designed for needle and thread seed bead projects. Perfect for multiple passes and great for stretchy rings and pattern bracelets.
–      Stretch Magic Elastic – Used for single strand bracelets. Perfect to create small fine bracelets and used in one-strand patterns that include other small beads and pearls.

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