Miyuki Elastic

Miyuki Elastic Thread

Miyuki Elastic is a high-quality and reliable elastic cord specifically designed for seed beading projects. Miyuki is a well-respected brand known for producing top-notch beading supplies, and their elastic cord is no exception. This elastic cord is specifically created with pattern work beading in mind, making it an excellent choice for creating stretchy and comfortable woven seed bead bracelets, rings and even necklaces.

Features and Benefits:

Stretchiness: Miyuki Elastic offers excellent stretch and elasticity, allowing you to easily slip your seed bead creations over your wrist, finger or neck without the need for clasps or closures. This feature makes it ideal for creating effortless and comfortable stretch bracelets that can fit most wrist sizes.

Durability: Despite its stretchiness, Miyuki Elastic is crafted from strong and durable materials that withstand everyday wear. It is designed to resist fraying and breaking, providing a long-lasting hold for your seed bead creations.

Versatility: Miyuki Elastic is suitable for various seed beading projects. Whether you are making simple pattern bracelets or intricate necklaces, this elastic cord is flexible enough to accommodate different seed bead sizes and designs.

Ease of Use: Working with Miyuki Elastic is a breeze. Simply string your seed beads onto the elastic cord, and you can easily secure the ends by tying a secure knot or using a dab of adhesive. It’s an excellent choice for beaders of all skill levels, including beginners.

Multi-Pass: The soft multi-strand filament makes this elastic ideal for patterns where the needle will pass through the same bead several times. Due to the soft nature of the elastic, even when woven into a tight pattern, the ring or bracelet can easily be stretched to allow it to be worn with ease.

Discreet Appearance: Once your seed bead creations are finished, the elastic cord becomes nearly invisible when worn, giving your jewellery a clean and professional look.

When using Miyuki Elastic for seed beading, it’s essential to choose the right cord thickness based on the size and weight of your seed beads and the number of passes that your thread will make in assembling your pattern. With its reliable performance and ease of use, Miyuki Elastic is a popular choice among seed beaders looking to create stylish and comfortable seed bead pattern work jewellery that can be worn with ease and confidence.

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