Kos Par Puca

Kos Par Puca

Discover the elegant Kos Par Puca beads, perfect for sophisticated jewellery designs. Explore their unique curved shape, vibrant colours, and high-quality craftsmanship. Shop the range at Beads N Crystals, your trusted Australian source for Par Puca beads.

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Discover the Elegance of Kos Par Puca Beads: A Beader’s Delight

Jewellery makers and bead enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique and versatile beads that can elevate their creations. Kos Par Puca beads, designed by the innovative French bead artist Puca, are gaining popularity for their elegant design and exceptional quality. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Kos Par Puca beads are a must-have for your beading projects and how they can add a touch of sophistication to your designs.

What Are Kos Par Puca Beads?

Kos Par Puca beads are distinctive two-hole beads that feature a flat, curved design. Measuring 3x6mm, these beads are crafted to work seamlessly with other Par Puca beads, such as Kheops, Arcos, and Minos. Their unique shape and dual-hole structure allow for the creation of intricate and visually stunning beadwork patterns.

The Appeal of Kos Par Puca Beads

Unique Design Versatility

The flat, curved shape of Kos Par Puca beads opens up a world of design possibilities. They can be used to create elegant curves, waves, and other intricate patterns in your jewellery pieces. Whether you’re designing delicate necklaces, stylish bracelets, or sophisticated earrings, these beads add a unique flair to your creations.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Kos Par Puca beads are made from premium Czech glass, ensuring durability and consistency. Each bead is meticulously crafted to guarantee uniformity in size and shape, which is essential for achieving a professional look in your beadwork. The high-quality craftsmanship also ensures that the beads maintain their colour and finish over time, keeping your jewellery looking beautiful for years to come.

Extensive Colour Range

Kos Par Puca beads are available in a wide array of colours and finishes, including metallics, opaques, mattes, and lustres. This extensive palette allows you to experiment with different colour combinations and create unique, personalised designs. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant hues or subtle, understated tones, there is a Kos Par Puca bead to suit your style.

Creative Project Ideas

Here are some inspiring project ideas to help you incorporate Kos Par Puca beads into your designs:

Graceful Necklaces: Use the curved shape of Kos beads to create flowing, elegant patterns in your necklaces. Pair them with other Par Puca beads for a cohesive and intricate design.

Sophisticated Bracelets: Craft stylish bracelets by combining Kos beads with seed beads and other multi-hole beads. The two-hole design allows for the creation of complex, layered patterns that are both beautiful and durable.

Elegant Earrings: Design sophisticated earrings by arranging Kos beads in wave-like or floral motifs. Add crystals or pearls for a touch of sparkle and elegance.

Tips for Working with Kos Par Puca Beads

Plan Your Design: Sketching your design beforehand can help you make the most of the beads’ unique shape and dual-hole structure.

Choose Strong Thread: Use a strong, flexible beading thread such as Fireline or Wildfire to support your designs and ensure they hold up over time.

Experiment with Combinations: Combine Kos Par Puca beads with other bead types to create intricate and visually stunning patterns.

Where to Buy Kos Par Puca Beads

For Australian crafters, finding a reliable supplier of Kos Par Puca beads is essential. We recommend Beads N Crystals, a trusted source for high-quality beads and beading supplies. They offer an extensive range of Par Puca beads, ensuring you have access to the best selection for your projects.


Kos Par Puca beads are a fantastic addition to any jewellery maker’s collection. Their unique shape, superior craftsmanship, and vibrant colour options make them perfect for creating intricate and stunning designs. Whether you’re a seasoned bead artist or a beginner looking to expand your bead collection, Kos Par Puca beads provide endless opportunities for creative expression.

Discover the elegance and versatility of Kos Par Puca beads and elevate your beadwork to new heights. Happy crafting!

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