BeadSmith Pearl Knotting Tool

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The Pearl Knotting Tool creates secure uniform knots which makes pearl knotting a breaze! Useful for stringing pearls and other types of beads securely and tightly. Full detailed instructions with diagrams are included. We also run regular Pearl Knotting workshops at Beads N Crystals which teach you how to use this tool along with some extra tips & tricks. Check out our upcoming classes. Plus if you attend the class you will get a discount on the tool!

We recommend using this tool to create secure knots between pearls strung on silk thread.

It’s suitable for use with:
Preciosa Nacre Pearls
Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Freshwater Pearls
Glass Pearls
Faux Pearls
Czech Glass Pearls
Silk Thread
French Wire

We recommend Griffin Silk pearl knotting Thread which is available in a wide array of colours and thicknesses. The cords are sold per 2 metre pack with a pre-threaded needle. The magic of the needle on Griffin Silk is the way it’s made. The needle is manufacturerd into the end of the silk cord. This way there is no thread tail, and best of all the thread is no thicker at the needle. This allows you to quickly and easily thread pearls without the worry of the thread not fitting or pulling out of the needle.

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