Bead Smith Thread Zap II


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Bead Smith Thread Zap II

The Bead Smith Thread Zap II has a fine tip which glows red-hot when the button is pressed. Simply wave the tip across your threads to melt and seal the end avoiding frayed ends.

Works perfectly on NYMO and many other threads with a synthetic content.

– Tip heats instantly with the push of a button!
– Trims, Burns or Melts thread with one touch.
– No More Frayed Ends!
– Extra-Tine tip for Precision Application
– Battery Operated – One AA (Not Included)

Replacement tips are available for this thread zapper tool.

Also Available: The BeadSmith Thread Zap Ultra and the heavy-duty Cord Zap tool.

The BeadSmith Thread Zapper is a versatile and handy tool designed for various aspects of beadwork and crafting. This tool is useful for managing threads and cords in beading and jewelry-making projects.

The Thread Zapper cuts and seals thread ends using heat to precisely trim and melt the ends of threads, preventing fraying and unravelling. This is especially useful for bead weaving and embroidery projects, as it ensures a clean and secure finish.

The Thread Zapper features a small, pen-like design with a heated tip. To use it, you simply press the button to activate the heat, then touch the tip to the thread you want to cut. The heat quickly severs the thread while simultaneously sealing the edges, leaving a neat and smooth result. This eliminates the need for scissors, and it’s particularly beneficial when working with fine threads or bead weaving, where precision matters. It prevents threads from unravelling and fraying.

Ease of use and portability makes this tool perfect for beaders on the go. Its compact size makes it easy to handle and carry, whether you’re working at a dedicated crafting table or out and about. It’s a great tool for crafters who attend workshops, classes, or craft shows where space is limited.

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