Plastic Glow in Dark Number Bead for Friendship Bracelet 7mm Gold Assorted


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Plastic Glow in Dark Number Bead 7mm Gold Assorted

They are so good for making Friendship Bracelets!

Hey night owls! Illuminate your friendship bracelets with our 7mm Plastic Glow-in-the-Dark Number Beads in radiant gold. Crafted for the nocturnal creators, these beads bring a touch of magic to your creations that truly shines in the dark.

Each bead features a golden glow that adds a touch of mystery and style to your bracelet designs. Spell out significant dates, lucky numbers, or create secret codes that come to life when the lights go down.

So, round up your night-loving crew, embrace the glow-in-the-dark fun, and let these 7mm Gold Plastic Number Beads be the illuminated stars of your next friendship bracelet masterpiece. Because creativity doesn’t rest when the lights go out!

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