Plastic Alphabet Letter Beads for Friendship Bracelet 7mm Pastel Mixed/Gold Bulk 3700pcs


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Plastic Beads Alphabet for Friendship Bracelet 7mm Pastel Mixed/Gold Bulk Bag

Sold per bag of approximately 3700 pieces.

Perfect for Friendship Bracelets

Hey, pastel pals! Get ready to spell out your friendship vibes with our 7mm Plastic Alphabet Beads for Friendship Bracelets. These beads come in an array of soft pastel hues, each adorned with dazzling gold prints.

Incorporate a touch of glamour into your creations as you craft bracelets that not only speak volumes but also shine with style. Spell out names, share secret messages, or simply let the golden letters add a sprinkle of magic to your wristwear.

So, gather your pastel-loving squad, dive into the world of creative camaraderie, and let these Alphabet Beads be the golden stars of your next friendship bracelet adventure. Because friendship is golden, and so are your creations! 

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