Plastic Alphabet Letter Beads for Friendship Bracelet 7mm Black/Gold Bulk 3700pcs


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Plastic Beads Alphabet for Friendship Bracelet Mixed 7mm Black/Gold Bulk 3700pcs

Perfect for making friendship bracelets

Hey trendsetters! Elevate your friendship bracelet game with our 7mm Plastic Alphabet Beads. This mixed set comes in sleek black with standout gold letters, adding a touch of sophistication to your wristwear creations.

Spell out bold messages, shout out your squad’s initials, or simply embrace the chic contrast of black and gold in your personalised jewellery. These beads are not just letters; they’re the stylish punctuation marks in your bracelet storytelling.

So, gather your fashion-forward crew, dive into the world of monochrome magic, and let these 7mm Black Alphabet Beads with Gold Letters be the stars of your next friendship bracelet masterpiece. Because when it comes to style, your bracelets speak volumes!

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