Plastic Alphabet Letter Beads for Friendship Bracelet 7mm Assorted Metallic Colour Bulk 3700pcs


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Plastic Alphabet Bead for Friendship Bracelet 7mm Assorted Metallic Colour Bulk Bag

Sold per bag of approximately 3700 pieces

They are so good for making Friendship Bracelets!

Hey, trendsetters! Brace yourselves for the ultimate in bracelet bling – our 7mm Plastic Alphabet Beads in assorted metallic colours with bold gold letters! Get ready to add a touch of shimmer and shine to your friendship bracelet game.

These beads are the VIPs of the crafting world, bringing a mix of dazzling metallic hues with standout gold letters. Spell out your vibes, shout your squad’s initials, or just go for some sparkling randomness – these beads are all about making your bracelets stand out in the crowd.

Grab your creative crew, dive into the metallic magic, and let these 7mm Alphabet Beads steal the spotlight in your next friendship bracelet masterpiece. Because why settle for ordinary when your bracelets can be metallic marvels?

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