GLUE-NICORNS Glue Syringe with E6000 1.5mm


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Glue-nicorns glue syringes will be an absolute game-changer for your crafting projects. The precision tip allows you to apply glue with ease and accuracy, ensuring clean and controlled application every time. The syringe is easy to use, refillable, and the quality of the E6000 glue is outstanding, providing a strong bond that holds up extremely well over time. We highly recommend Glue-nicorns glue syringe with E6000 Adhesive for most beading and crafting applications.

Pack includes: (4 parts)

– 1 x 5ml Glue-nicorns Syringe
– 1 x 1.5mm Medium Applicator Tip
– 1 x Stopper
– 1 x 7.2g E6000 Adhesive
– Basic instructions

Glue-nicorns Medium 1.5mm Adhesive Syringes are recommended for:

– E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive – For repairing jewellery, applying metals, glass, gemstone, wood, plastic and more to almost any surface.
– Fabri-Fuse by E6000 – For applying larger diamante crystals like SHIMR, Swarovski and Preciosa flat-back crystals to flexible and stretchy fabrics like tulle, lycra and spandex. Also for applying ribbon, sequins or beaded trimming and craft appliques to fabrics.
– Gem-Tac Adhesive – For applying larger crystals and diamantes to fabrics.
 Mod-Podge – for paper-crafting and card making.
– Leather & Suede Glue – For repairing leather and suede items, laying a bead of adhesive along a trim on leather and suede shoes and handbags.
– UV Resins – To insert a coloured UV resin into a mold filled with a clear resin, or other creative applications where resin is used.
– Paints – Glue-nicorns fine tip syringes can be used to apply dyes and paints in a wide range of creative ways. Note that the medium tip size makes this tool perfect for medium viscosity paints.

DO NOT Use Glue-nicorns Medium 1.5mm Syringes for:

– Ink or very Low Viscosity liquids – The tip is a medium gauge making it too thick for extremely low viscosity liquids like ink.
– Super Glue – Super glue and instant glues will not work in a syringe applicator. Dispense directly from the adhesive tube.

The stopper allows you to seal the syringe when not in use. Some adhesives and other mediums may last some time in the syringe. Note that the syringe is not going to keep adhesives ‘fresh’ for any extended period and the performance in storage will vary by the product you’re using.

To clean out your Glue-nicorn for re-use, you can follow these steps:

– Empty the remaining glue: Gently squeeze out any excess glue from the syringe back into its original container or a disposable receptacle. Use a skewer with a tissue, or a cotton tip to help clear all the glue out of the syringe.
– Remove the tip: and clear it out with a needle, pin or wire.
– Flush with warm water: Fill a bowl or sink with warm water and submerge the syringe. Draw in the warm water into the syringe by pulling back the plunger and then push it out to expel the water. Repeat this process several times to flush out any residual glue.
– Dry thoroughly: Allow the syringe to air dry completely before storing it for later use. Ensure that all parts of the syringe, including the nozzle and plunger, are separated and completely dry to prevent any moisture or glue remnants from affecting future use.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean out a Glue-nicorn glue syringe and prepare it for later use. This will save you money and be better on the environment.

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