French Wire / Gimp New Gold 1.1mm Heavy 14″


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French Wire / Gimp New Gold Heavy 1.1mm 14″

French wire, also known as Gimp is a fine coiled wire used in jewellery making to add a refined and elegant finishing touch to pieces. It serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose by protecting the thread where it meets the finding or clasp, preventing wear and fraying while enhancing the overall appearance of the jewellery. This delicate wire is often used in beadwork and stringing projects to create a polished and professional look.

Colour: New Gold (14k gold colour)
Diameter: 1.1mm
Length: 35.5cm (14 Inches)
Material: Base Metal

Lead, Nickel & Cadmium Free
EU Compliant
Made in Pakistan

Perfect for pearl knotting with freshwater pearls or immitation pearls. We suggest using German pearl knotting silk threads in sizes 8 and 10.

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