Folding Loupe Magnifier 10x 21mm in Storage Box


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Folding Loupe Magnifier 10x 21mm in Storage Box

A convenient little magnifier ideal for close inspection of crystals and gemstones, facets, watches and other micro-work.

The Folding Loupe Magnifier, with its 10x magnification and compact 21mm lens, emerges as a handy optical tool enclosed in a convenient storage box. This diminutive magnifier proves itself invaluable for close inspections, making it an ideal companion for scrutinising crystals, gemstones, intricate facets, watches, and other micro-work with unparalleled clarity.

Designed for precision, this loupe magnifier fits seamlessly into your palm, offering a close-up view that unveils the minutest details. Its versatility extends to various fields, from gemology to watchmaking, providing magnification that enhances the examination of intricate components. The folding feature ensures both portability and protection, as it neatly tucks into the included storage box when not in use.

The Folding Loupe Magnifier encapsulates the essence of convenience and clarity, proving itself to be an essential tool for those engaged in detailed work. Elevate your inspection capabilities with this compact and powerful magnifier, unlocking a world of intricate details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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