BeadSmith Cordless Vacuum Hotfix Applicator with Spotlight + Extra Tip


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BeadSmith Cordless Vacuum Hotfix Applicator with Spotlight & Extra Tip

This Hot-Fix applicator tool is our best and easiest to use tool for applying hotfix crystal diamantes. It allows you to attach round diamante crystals quickly and easily in sizes from SS6 through to SS20 with the two included tips. Using suction, the tool will pick up your crystal and heat it while you’re moving it into position, making the process much faster. With a quick press down and release of the button, the crystal is permanently set in position. This makes larger projects much faster and easier to complete, and smaller projects a breeze. There is even an LED spotlight mounted right near the tip to shine light onto your work. Unlike other applicator tools, you won’t be working in the shadow of the tool.

Pack Includes:

– Hot-Fix Applicator Tool
– Protective Cover for the tip
– SS6-SS12 Tip (for 1.9mm to 3.2mm crystals)
– SS12-SS20 Tip (for 3.2mm to 4.9mm crystals)


– Sleek Ergonomic Design
– Easy to Swap Tips
– Protective Tip Cover
– Simple Operation
– Crystal Pickup Tool Built-In (with Suction)
– Quick and Easy to Use


1)    Remove cap and ensure correct tip is inserted
2)    Slide switch to ON position. Indicator light will be on.
3)    Wait 25 Seconds, then press the button to activate suction
4)    Pick up crystal and move it to the desired position
5)    Release the suction button and wait 5 seconds
6)    Lift the tool to leave the crystal in place
Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each additional crystal until your project is complete.

Additional Advice:

There are full detailed instructions printed inside the pack. Please read them before use. A QR Code on the pack links to a video demonstration. It’s worth watching the video to learn how to use this heat gun for applying diamone crystals.


You will need 4 x AA Batteries (not included). Good alkaline batteries are recommended. Good batteries should give a full 120 minutes (2 hours) of continuous operation. For flawless operation, ensure you only use good NEW Alkaline batteries. Cheap batteries and carbon based batteries on the other hand will provide poor heating and suction, offer significantly reduced run time and risk damage from leaking.

You will also need some good quality Hot-Fix crystals. We recommend SHIMR, Preciosa and Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals.

Remember, this tool suits round diamante crystals in any sizes from SS6 through to SS20. Ensure the crystals you select are within this range. It covers most sizes commonly used in dance and gymnastics costumes, for embellishing shoes and fashion accessories.

This tool does not work with crystals smaller than SS6 or larger than SS20, or other non-round shapes. If you’re going to need the occasional smaller or larger crystal, this tool can be used for the majority of your work for maximum ease and productivity. The occasional smaller, larger, or shaped crystal may then be applied either by using the basic Hot Fix Applicator, or alternatively glued using E6000 Fabri-Fuse or E6000 Jewellery & Bead.

Safety Precautions:

This tool reaches very high temperatures which can cause burns. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use by children 12 and under without strict adult supervision. Keep away from water. Not for any use other than that specified by the manufacturer. Usage for unintended applications will invalidate warranty. Please read and understand the safety guidelines in the pack before use to prevent injury, fire or damage to heat sensitive surfaces.

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If you’d like to know more about Hot Fix Crystals and Applicators, please check out our detailed page explaining how these amazing crystals work.

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