5328 Bicone

Swarovski Crystal Bicones

Swarovski’s famous 5328 Bicone is by far the most popular crystal line on the market. Available in over 200 colours, and seven sizes, Bicones are an essential element in jewellery designs. They add sparkle, colour and brilliance at a very low price. More facets for increased brilliance, plus a softer edge for comfort compared to other beads on the market.

Swarovski Crystal 5328 series bicone beads are exquisite and popular crystals known for their exceptional quality, brilliance, and precision-cut facets. These beads are by far the most popular and versatile Swarovski beading crystals on the market. They’re a part of the renowned Swarovski Elements collection, manufactured by Swarovski, a prestigious Austrian company with a long history of creating high-quality crystals since 1895.

Features and Characteristics:

Shape and Cut: The Swarovski 5328 series bicone beads are named after their distinctive shape, which resembles a bicone with multiple facets that maximize their light reflection and brilliance. The precision-cut facets create a stunning sparkle that sets these crystals apart from others.

Facet Upgrade: The 5328 series proceeds the former 5301 bicone range. The difference between the two are the facets. Swarovski upgraded the number of facets by adding extra reverse-triangle facets between the existing facets. In doing this, they created a rounder centre line on the bicone making it not only sparkle much more, but also gave it a smoother finish that is more comfortable on the wearer.

Materials and Colours: These beads are made from high-quality glass crystal, which enhances their clarity and brilliance. Swarovski offers an extensive array of colours and finishes, from classic clear crystals to vibrant and unique shades, allowing designers to add captivating colour and dimension to their creations.

Sizes: Swarovski 5328 series bicone beads are available in various sizes, ranging from small 2.5mm to the larger 10mm. This wide range of sizes provides jewellery makers with flexibility to incorporate these beads into various designs, from delicate and dainty to bold and statement pieces.

Versatility: The bicone shape and sparkling facets of these crystals make them versatile for a wide range of jewellery-making techniques, including stringing, bead weaving, wirework, and embroidery. They are often used as accents or focal beads in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other fashion accessories.

Authenticity: Swarovski 5328 series bicone beads from Beads N Crystals are guaranteed genuine Swarovski products. We only sourced our products directly from Swarovski to guarantee their authenticity. This ensures that you are using genuine Swarovski crystals in your creations.

Swarovski Crystal 5328 series bicone beads are highly sought after by jewellery designers and artisans worldwide for their unmatched beauty, craftsmanship, and quality. These beads add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any design, making them an essential choice for creating elegant and stunning jewellery pieces that stand out with their brilliance and sparkle.