Color ID Collection

The BeadSmith Color-ID Pliers are great value jewellery-making tools designed to make the process of identifying and using various jewellery tools much easier. These pliers are color-coded so you’ll be able to quickly distinguish between different pliers in your collection.

The colour-coded system used by BeadSmith corresponds to different types of pliers, such as round-nose, chain-nose, flat-nose, and more. This simplifies the selection process and streamlines jewellery-making projects, especially for beginners who may not be familiar with the specific names and uses of each type of plier. These pliers are typically made from durable stainless steel with soft grip bandles and premium box joint construction, ensuring longevity and precision in your jewellery-making endeavours.

BeadSmith Color-ID Pliers are widely appreciated by jewellery makers for their user-friendly design and functionality. They help artisans save time and effort when working on intricate jewellery designs by eliminating the guesswork of selecting the right tool. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced jewellery maker, these pliers can be a valuable addition to your toolkit, making your crafting process more efficient and enjoyable.

Green – Round Nose Pliers
Yellow – Side Cutters
Light Blue – Chain Nose Pliers
Dark Blue – Bent Chain Nose Pliers
Red – Square Nose Pliers

BeadSmith Color-ID Pliers are exceptional value for a premium quality entry level beading and craft tool. All five tools are available individually so you can pick and choose the exact tools you’ll need for your projects. There are also some great value packs. Our most popular 3-piece set includes Round Nose, Side Cutters and Chain Nose pliers. These three tools are the basic and most essential tools for bead stringing and crafting.

The all-inclusive 5-piece set includes also includes the bent chain nose and the square nose pliers. These two will be indispensable for anyone using lots of jump rings or bending and twisting wrapping wires.

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Showing all 10 results