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We have been notified by Swarovski that they are exiting the wholesale components market. Swarovski are closing down their Swarovski Professional division which was responsible for the supply of all Swarovski lines we had access to. This means they have discontinued the supply of all products and this is being rolled out globally. The entire Swarovski catalogue of beads, pearls, flat backs, pendants, rivoli’s, bicones, rondelles, drops, chandelier pieces and sew on stones have now been discontinued.

This decision is on the back of extreme impact caused by COVID-19 leading to a large number of job losses at Swarovski’s head office & manufacturing facility in Wattens, Austria, which have been well documented in global news. We had suspected a significant change for some time now, but the speed at which this has occurred has taken us (and many opposing members of the Swarovski family) by complete surprise.

Their plans are “to refocus and re-position Swarovski in the attainable luxury segment”. Unfortunately they believe having large volumes of loose Swarovski components in the marketplace is not in their strategic plans for future of their brand and is impacting their high-end finished goods market.

SWAROVSKI IS NOT CLOSING DOWNThey are restructuring and refocusing their business.
In doing so they will no longer provide loose components for resale as loose components.

According to news articles, Swarovski’s new CEO, Robert Buchbauer, believes less is more and that Swarovski have lost their focus by trying to be everything to everybody.

Effective immediately, we (along with all dealers in loose Swarovski components), have been cut off from ordering any more products.

They will effectively discontinue from the global retail and wholesale markets the entire catalogue of loose components including beads, pendants, flat backs, pointy-backs, rivoli’s, sew-on’s, fancy stones, pearls, chandelier components, rondelles, buttons, crystal mesh, cupchains and findings.

Over the years we have worked hard to curate a wide and concise collection of 2,500 the most popular and in-demand lines from Swarovski including a rolling range of newly released and special edition pieces.

We’re working on plans to replace the core lines with similar products from alternative brands which will begin rolling out from early 2021. Unfortunately no other company can offer the range of products, colours, effects and sizes, or speed of delivery that Swarovski have consistently provided for decades.

We’re giving you this update so you have the opportunity to stock up on any Swarovski products you may need for your business or unfinished projects before we sell out for good. 

Although we are very well stocked and will probably be selling Swarovski crystals for quite some time, there are many popular lines we sell through almost weekly. Some lines are already sold out.

In the last several weeks since we initially heard of the pending announcement, we have ordered a large volume of stock that we regularly sell through, and lots of new exciting products too. We hope this is enough to carry us into early to mid 2021.

If this news is going to impact your business or planned projects, please check our stock and order what you need with priority. Alternatively email us with the products you need most (with the quantities) and we’ll factor this into our lines to source from alternative brands.

We really wish this wasn’t happening and we’re as shocked as you are at the news. Although this will be the end of an era, it will also be the beginning of a new one we’re yet to discover!

I thank you for your continued support and assure you this will not impact our ability to provide you a complete and concise range of quality products.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best and we hope to see you soon. Stay safe!