TDK Tools 125mm Round Nose Pliers


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TDK Tools – Made to Japanese Quality Standard

125mm Tool with textured rubber grip. Quality box joint construction.

Suitable for working with hard wires up to 1.8mm and soft wires up to 2.3mm. Not suitable for memory wire.

TDK Tools – Great Value – Great Quality – Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers are an essential tool for beading and many other crafts including jewellery making and DIY projects that require twisting, shaping, and forming wires. They are incredibly useful for creating earrings and other jewellery where wire is involved.

They’re also an economical tool for creating wrapped loops in head-pins and eye-pins.

– Material: High-quality Stainless Steel – for durability and strength.
– Tool Size: Made for comfort with soft grips and a handle length suited to most hands.
– Jaw shape: Conical rounded tips that gradually taper towards the tip.

Uses for this tool:

– creating cosnsistent loops in wire,
– forming wrapped loops,
– making bails out of wire,
– bending and shaping wire,
– as a second tool with the chain nose plier for assisting to open and close jump rings,

Joint: Strong box joint design
Handle grip: A soft and comfortable ergonomic handle design
Price: Exceptional value for a good quality tool. Perfect for occasional or every-day use

Other TDK Tools available:

– Chain Nose Pliers
– Side Cutters
3-Piece Value Bundle

TDK Chain Nose Pliers are an absolute must-have tool in your kit. This single tool will allow you to perform a multitude of tasks such as crimping, opening & closing rings and making precise bends in wire. They’re one of three tools that we call the every-day pliers which are absolute essential when making jewellery and beading in general.

The other two essential beading tools are:

Side Cutters: This tool will cut your wire to length, trim excess wire and cords, and shorten headpins and eye pins. The TDK Tools Side Cutters are strong and durable! They’re just what you need for beading and creating a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

Chain Nose Pliers: TDK Tools Chain Nose Pliers may sound uncommon, but they’re actually the most common and essential tool for many crafts including jewellery making. They are used for crimping, clamping, squeezing, positioning, bending and shaping. These tools are an absolute must and easily the most used tool in a beaders kit. Unlike cheap tools you may see in discount stores, the TDK tools are great quality, made of non-rust stainless steel with strong consistent shape, and also feature smooth, non -serrated tips. No serrations means no unsightly mark your wires!

Where to buy TDY Tools Pliers?

Beads N Crystals stocks all three TDK Pliers tools. They’re great value for anyone new to beading and looking to set up their tool kit. As these tools are available individually, they’re also a popular choice when replacing an old and worn tool.

We also cater to schools, groups and workshops with wholesale purchasing available and further bulk prices for businesses wishing to stock up for use or resale.

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