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T Pins 27mm 75pk

Metal T-Pins are ideal for Macrame boards and sewing projects. Small 27mm (1″) size made of rigid steel. Supplied in a handy reusable plastic storage box.

The T Pins 27mm 75pk is a convenient set of metal T-pins, specifically designed for use in Macrame boards and sewing projects. These T-pins are crafted from rigid steel, ensuring durability and stability during use. With a smaller size of 27mm (1 inch), these pins are ideal for delicate tasks, providing a precise and secure hold for fabrics and materials in various crafting applications.

The set includes 75 T-pins, offering an ample quantity for projects that require numerous pinning points. The pins come neatly packaged in a reusable plastic storage box, allowing for easy organization and storage between uses. This feature ensures that the T-pins remain in good condition and are readily available for your crafting needs.

Whether you’re working on detailed sewing projects or intricate Macrame designs, the T Pins 27mm 75pk provides a reliable solution for securing materials in place, contributing to the overall success and precision of your crafting endeavors.

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