Sticky Bead Mat 7.5×13.5cm Clear


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Sticky Bead Mat 7.5×13.5cm Clear

– Leaves No Marks on beads and Crystals!
– Ideal for using when you are beading with small beads and Findings.
– Easy to clean, Simply rinse it with water and let it air dry. It will return to as-new sticky condition.
– It prevents your pieces from rolling onto the floor with a rubbery sticky surface.
– No residue will transfer to your pieces and it won’t make findings tarnish.

Shown in use, accessories not included.

The Sticky Bead Mat in a compact size of 7.5×13.5cm is a must-have for meticulous beaders. Crafted with a rubbery sticky surface, this mat ensures that your small beads and findings stay in place, preventing any accidental rolling onto the floor during your projects.

Designed to leave no marks on beads and crystals, this mat is an ideal companion for your beading endeavors. Its easy-to-clean feature makes maintenance a breeze – simply rinse it with water and let it air dry. You’ll be pleased to find that it returns to its as-new sticky condition, ready for your next crafting session.

Craft with confidence, knowing that the Sticky Bead Mat prevents residue transfer to your precious pieces and won’t cause findings to tarnish. Shown in use, this mat adds a touch of precision to your beading setup. Please note that accessories are not included. Elevate your beadwork with the Sticky Bead Mat, ensuring a clean, organized, and efficient crafting experience.

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