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Rexlace Plastic Lacing comes in 100 yard (91 meters) spools.  Rexlace is an extruded, flat, PVC plastic cord made for craft and hobby applications. Also known as Boondoggle, this brand of plastic lacing has been key staple in friendship jewellery and school camp crafting for generations . Make key fobs, lanyards, jewelry, and other accessories. 

When used as a knotting cord:
-1 foot of Rexlace = about 1 inch of stitches/knots.
– 30cm of Rexlace = about 2.5cm of stitches/knots.
– 1m of Rexlace = about 8.3cm of stitches/knots.

Lace measures:
2.3mm (.092″ or 3/32″) wide
0.88mm (.035″ or 1/32″) thick
91m (100 yards) Per Spool

This product is 100% latex free!

There are so many uses for rexlace. You can use rexlace to make bracelets and more. Now that you’ve found where to buy rexlace, you can find lots of free tutorials and patterns on youtube.

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