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Pony – Size Number 10 – Sharp Rigid Beading Needles – Pack of 25 pieces

Diameter: 0.4mm
Length: 5.5cm
Pieces: 25 per pack
Materials: Carbon Steel, Fully Nickel Plated

Pony Beading Needles are economical beading needles crafted from carbon steel and fully nickel-plated. These needles are specifically designed for fine beadwork using small seed beads or for sewing sequins onto delicate fabrics. The carbon steel construction provides durability, while the nickel plating enhances the needles’ corrosion resistance.

Here are some key features of Pony Beading Needles:
Material: Crafted from high quality carbon steel, these needles offer strength and resilience.
Nickel Plating: The needles are fully nickel-plated, providing a smooth surface that helps prevent corrosion and ensures smooth threading through beads and fabrics.
Application: Ideal for intricate beadwork with small seed beads and for attaching sequins to fine fabrics.
Origin: These needles are made in India, known for its craftsmanship in producing various art and craft supplies.
Packaging: Pony Beading Needles are sold in packets containing 25 needles. Bulk orders of 1000 needles (40 packets per box) are available on request) making them suitable for bulk use or for those engaged in extensive beading projects.

When working on projects that require precision and delicacy, these economy beading needles can be a valuable tool. Keep in mind that their design is optimised for specific tasks involving small beads and fine fabrics.

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